Learning Support

At Discovery College we recognise that all children are individuals in terms of their intellectual and physical abilities and their social and emotional needs. We are sensitive to our students’ needs and provide additional support for those learners whose needs are not being fully met for reasons of language, physical disability, or academic ability. These students may have exceptional academic abilities or difficulties in cognitive and learning, communication and interaction, social, emotional and behavioural, sensory, physical or medical.

We are committed to taking full account of our students’ individual differences and to cater for their needs within mainstream classes through an inclusive teaching and learning approach. This approach includes the use of strategies such as guided small group work, co-teaching, parallel teaching, frontloading and re-teaching. In some cases, short-term 1:1 support may be provided.

The IBO has clear expectations that PYP teachers should build an awareness of their students’ needs and differentiate the delivery of teaching programmes within an inclusive learning environment. In exceptional cases, when students would benefit from more intensive learning support, individuals may be withdrawn from class to participate in short-term personalized, targeted learning support programmes. The Learning Diversity teachers and educational assistants work in collaboration with the classroom teachers and single subject teachers to develop our students’ learning in all areas.

Discovery College provides for students with individual needs in line with the requirements of The English Schools Foundation (ESF) Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy (2007) and supports ESF SEN Guidance for implementing the SEN Policy (2008). It reflects international best practice in codes of practice for students with special educational needs.