Higher Education Office

Our purpose is to support students in career exploration and to emphasise the link between academic engagement and their path towards life after school. We ask students to take ownership of the search process with the goal of finding a pathway that best fits their academic and career interests, world region choices, and personal goals and aspirations.

To achieve our purpose we offer group and individual higher education counselling, including university search timelines for each region. In addition, we liaise with representatives from organisations around the world, assist with the application process, keep the Higher Education Office updated with relevant resources, and are committed to professional development.

We look forward to collaborating with students, parents, teachers and administrators to guide all of our students towards their best fit for postsecondary life. We know that each student’s path will be a little bit different and we strive to help them take ownership of the process and focus on what is best for them as they narrow their academic and university interests, prepare their applications, make their final decisions and transition to their chosen university.
We welcome students and parents to engage with the Higher Education Office resources and staff.

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Susie Blomfield and Terence Man, Higher Education Counsellors


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