Nomination Rights


The proceeds raised under the Nomination Rights scheme are exclusively reserved for the funding of capital projects.

Individual Nomination Rights (INRs)

Are available for purchase by parents.

Corporate Nomination Rights (CNRs)

Are available for purchase by companies.

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INR Application Arrangements for Year 1 Central Applications (children born in 2017) and Year 7 Central Applications (children born in 2011)

Application for Individual Nomination Rights for Year 1 (children born in 2017) and Year 7 (children born in 2011) will commence on 3 September 2021 (Friday)

Click here for details and the application form.

INR Application Arrangements for General Applications (OTHER than Year 1 children born in 2017) and Year 7 Central Applications (children born in 2011)

Application for INR for other year groups can be submitted throughout the year. Click here for details.

Click here to see FAQs on Individual Nomination Rights.

Information and procedures for ESF/Discovery College/Renaissance College

  1. Priced at HK$400,000 per Discovery College (DC) Individual Nomination Right.
  2. A series of 300 INR applications may be made to any year group, with a maximum of 30 places being reserved for Year 1 Central Applications every year.
  3. INR Nominees gain priority for admission (after Corporate Nominees, children of full-time staff and siblings of students attending an ESF primary or secondary school/PIS).
  4. The INR entitles the holder to a one time nomination of one child for a place at Discovery College.
  5. The Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL) payment is still applicable to the children joining Discovery College under the scheme.
  6. INR deposit of HK$50,000 is only refundable if a child is unsuccessful at interview.
  7. The remaining balance of HK$350,000 is payable immediately when the place is accepted.
  8. Sibling rights apply once the first child is enrolled into and attending Discovery College.
  9. Application may be made to any year group, with a small number of places being reserved for Year 1.
  10. Applications will be considered in strict order of receipt.
  11. The INR applicant may indicate up to 3 schools in order of preference at which the Nominee can be considered. Waitlist placement will be considered for each school listed in turn. The schools identified in respect of any Nominee can only be changed with the consent of ESF.
  12. If all available Individual Nomination Rights for selected school(s) are taken, application and deposit cheque will be returned and name and contact details placed on the central interest list for the first choice school. Interest list applicants will be contacted if and when an INR becomes available.
  13. Confirmation of INR interview priority is dependent on the clearance of the deposit cheque.
  14. The offer of a place will be conditional on passing the English proficiency test/interview held at Discovery College. The final decision whether to offer a place rests with Discovery College.
  15. INR Nominees from overseas must have been studying in an English medium school or kindergarten for a minimum of two years prior to application.
  16. The final offer of a place will be conditional upon the relevant visa proof being provided as noted in the Hong Kong Education Bureau’s circular.
  17. The INR fee is not set against school tuition.
  18. The INR fee is forfeited if the above conditions are not met or if the student withdraws after an Individual Nomination Right has been issued.
  19. A child joining in Year 6 will have a guarantee of Year 7 place at Discovery College.
  20. As there is a different admission process for allocation of ESF Learning Support Centre places and entry to Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, children with special educational needs are not eligible for nomination through the Nomination Rights scheme.

About Discovery College Individual Nomination Rights Schemes

  1. If I plan to apply for an Individual Nomination Right, do I need to complete an online application form?
    Yes. Applicants will need to complete an online application form and also an Individual Nomination Rights Scheme — Register online, which is available for download from the ESF website. The INR application and cheque is submitted in hard copy to ESF Centre.
  1. When can I make an INR application and where do I submit the form?
    INR applications may be made at any time. Exceptionally, INR applications for Year 1 entry in August 2022, can only be made on or after 4 September 2021. All Nomination Rights applications will be handled by the ESF Centre.
  1. In what order are the NR applications processed?
    INR applications are processed according to the date and time when the application form, together with the deposit of HK$50,000, is received at the ESF Centre.
  1. How are the INR Nominees prioritised for admissions into ESF schools?
    INR nominees are the fourth priority after Corporate NR nominees, staff’s children and siblings of ESF students.
  1. Can a company apply for a Nomination Right?
    No. The nominee has to be a named individual on the application form. The INR holder must be a parent of the nominee. However, a company can apply for a Corporate Nomination Right.
  1. How many INR places will be available?
    As a series of 300 INRs, applications may be made to any year group. In any academic year, with a maximum of 30 places being reserved for Year 1 Central Applications.
  1. Is the HK$50,000 deposit refundable?
    The HK$50,000 deposit is refundable only if the child fails the admissions assessment.
  1. When is the HK$350,000 balance due?
    If the child passes the assessment, the HK$350,000 must be paid when the place is accepted.
  1. Is the HK$400,000 refundable or transferable?
    No, the HK$400,000 is for a named individual and is non-transferable and non-refundable once paid for a confirmed place.
  1. Is placement guaranteed for INR Nominees?
    Placement is subject to success at interview/assessment and place availability. Priority is accorded to waitlist placement and consequent timing of consideration for interview/assessment.
  1. Can I choose the school where I apply for an INR?
    Yes, placement is subject to availability at the school and a commitment to remain at the school for a defined period. INR applicants may indicate up to three schools in order of preference at which the Nominee can be considered. Waitlist placement will be considered for each school listed in turn. Nominees must be prepared to attend any of the schools indicated. Transfer is possible after a period of time, but it is applicable only if the family resides in the school zone. Nominees must undertake to make their own travel arrangements if living outside the area covered by the school bus service.
  1. What kind of admissions interview/assessment do INR applicants need to go through? How will an overseas family be assessed?
    As all other applicants, the INR Nominees will go through the standard interview assessment procedures.
  1. How much in total do I need to pay if my child is finally enrolled to Discovery College via the INR process?
    After confirmation of a school place, INR applicants will have to pay the INR balance of HK$350,000 and the admissions deposit equivalent to two months tuition fees.
  1. The HK$50,000 deposit is refundable only if the child fails the admissions interview. What about if the child does not show up for the interview, or they give up the place after paying the deposit?
    There will not be any refund in these cases.

Corporate Nomination Rights – Terms and Conditions

  1. The Directors of ESF Educational Services Limited (the “Board”) may at any time resolve to issue Corporate Nomination Rights on such terms as it may consider appropriate in its absolute discretion.
  2. This Corporate Nomination Right is one of a series of five (5) Corporate Nomination Rights.
  3. A total of five (5) Corporate Nomination Rights will be issued for each academic year (August to August).
  4. A Corporate Nomination Right is non-interest bearing, non-depreciating, non-refundable, non-transferable (save as provided for in these Terms & Conditions) and unsecured on any property, asset or undertaking of the College.
  5. This Corporate Nomination Rights shall be registered in the name of a company (the “Company”) incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32).
  6. The College at its sole discretion may register a Corporate Nomination Right to a company incorporated in another jurisdiction, in which case that company shall be the Company for the purposes of these Terms & Conditions.
  7. The rights under this Corporate Nomination Right expire five (5) years immediately after the date on which the College has received both a completed application form for a Corporate Nomination Right and payment of HK$2,000,000 for such Corporation Nomination Right.
  8. The Company shall be entitled to nominate one Nominee (as defined in paragraph 10 below) for one place at Discovery College for each Corporate Nomination Right held.
  9. The Company is to provide to the College such proof as the College may reasonably require of the directorship or employment of its director or employee whose Nominee is nominated under this Corporate Nomination Right.
  10. For this purpose the term “Nominee” shall mean:
    1. A son or daughter or adopted son or daughter of a director or employee of the Company (a copy of the birth certificate or evidence of adoption must be supplied to the College);
    2. Who is deemed by the Principal of the College to be suitable; and
    3. Who otherwise satisfies the admissions criteria as set out by the Board from time to time.
  11. A Nominee under a Corporate Nomination Right will receive first priority on the waiting list and will have priority over all other applicants.
  12. The order of priority for an admissions interview is determined by the time and date that the Company informs the College of the identity of the Nominee (CNR Form B).
  13. Should a Nominee leave the college for whatever reason, the Corporate Nomination Right remains in effect until the expiry of the five (5) year term as defined in paragraph 7 above.
  14. Where a Nominee fails to meet the entry requirements at interview/assessment, the Company retains the use of the Corporate Nomination Right for the remaining length of its term (or until earlier expiry).
  15. A Corporate Nomination Right may not be transferred. However, if the Company changes [its] name, then the Board may (on submission of such evidence as it may reasonably request concerning the bona fide nature of the transaction necessitating the changes) deliver to the Company a Corporate Nomination Right in the new name against surrender of this Corporate Nomination Right.
  16. The College will keep a Register of Corporate Nomination Rights Holders in which to record the name of each Corporate Nomination Rights Holder against the number of the relevant Corporate Nomination Right.
  17. The College shall recognise and treat the Company in whose name the Corporate Nomination Right is registered in the Register of Corporate Nomination Rights Holders as the sole absolute owner of such Corporate Nomination Rights and as alone entitled to receive and give effectual discharge for the monies hereby secured. The College shall not be affected by notice of any right, title or claim of any company or person to this Corporate Nomination Rights other than the Company in whose name this Corporate Nomination Rights is so registered.
  18. If the Corporate Nomination Right shall be lost, stolen, destroyed or defaced in whole or in part so as to be incapable of use, the College shall, on such terms as to evidence, identity, indemnity and expenses incurred by the College in investigating and verifying title as the Board shall require, deliver to the Company a new Corporate Nomination Right in lieu of the Corporate Nomination Right and in the case of defacement, against the surrender of the Corporate Nomination Right.
  19. Notices under the Corporate Nomination Right may be served by the Company or by the Board by posting the same in a prepaid letter addressed to the College at its registered office or to the Corporate Nomination Rights Holder at its address as shown in the Register of Corporate Nomination Rights Holders, and shall be deemed to have been received 48 hours after the time of posting in the case of notices sent to an address in Hong Kong, and 5 days after the time of posting in the case of notices sent to an address outside Hong Kong.
  20. The Corporate Nomination Right and the conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.