Discovery College library endeavours to support the students and staff in their pursuit of quality information and leisure reading material. As our school grows, so does our collection and access to information.

The library is staffed by a PYP teacher librarian and MYP/DP/CP teacher librarian (Head of Library), as well as library assistants.

Library opening hours are: 8.00am – 4.30pm on Monday to Thursday and 8am – 4.00pm on Friday. Students are able to access the library and borrow books before school, during lunch and after school, and with their classes in class time.

There are a number of different resources arranged in the library to cater for the different age groups we have in the school. More details of this arrangement as well as the library policies can be found in the Parent and Student Handbook.

Parents are welcome to register to borrow from the library, and will be issued with their own library card after completing a registration form. Parents are asked to come before 8.30am and after 3.00pm to reduce disruption to the students needs.

Donations of books and other resources are welcome. Please understand that we are selective in what we accept for the collection to maintain a high standard of resources. If you wish to donate, we will take everything, but some donations may be donated to a third party if we can’t use them. Please see our policies for the selection criteria.  Questions about the library can be directed to

You can search the Library catalogue or check your borrow record here.