School Tours

Discovery College will conduct school tours (in English only) for prospective parents.

Tours of the school will be undertaken by members of the Admissions Office.

In order not to disrupt the operation of the College, tours will normally take place at 9am on selected Tuesdays or Thursdays. As the tours are aimed at providing parents with the relevant information for them to decide as to whether or not to apply to Discovery College, parents are requested not to bring young children under the age of 10 with them on the tours.

Interested parents are requested to reserve a place on a tour by contacting the Admissions Office at

Please note that there will be no tours during the school holidays

When applying for a school tour, parents are requested to submit:

  • Child(ren)’s Date(s) of Birth
  • Year Group they are applying for
    • Years 1-6 for Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)
    • Years 7-11 for Secondary Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)
    • Years 12 & 13 for Secondary Diploma Programme (IB DP) or Secondary Career-related Programme (IB CP)
  • Admission year and month applying for, e.g. “2023 August”

All School Tour visitors must register at the College’s Reception which is located to the right of the Main Entrance. Unregistered visitors to the College will not be permitted entry.