Assessment & Feedback

MYP students are expected to make a genuine attempt to meet the course requirements. These requirements include students applying themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and learning experiences regardless of formative and summative assessment.  

To assist students in setting personal learning goals and achieving success in the summative assessment, teachers provide assessment instructions that describe the nature and details of the task(s) and clarify the specifics of the task(s). 

It is important for students and parents to read and understand the MYP assessment principles and how the assessment criteria are used to evaluate students’ academic performance. We encourage parents to read the MYP Assessment Guidance Handbook together with their child(ren) and assist them in setting their own learning goals in collaboration with the teachers.

Assessment of learning is carried out using a variety of strategies. Throughout a unit of work, students can expect to:

  • Complete traditional pen and paper tests
  • Give presentations (in groups or individually)
  • Submit essays (written in class or at home)
  • Complete research projects
  • Participate in dramatic, speech and musical performances
  • Contribute to online forums
  • Create visual displays
  • Participate in artistic exhibitions
  • Record podcasts
  • Create short films.

All overall subject grades are marked using the IB’s 1-7 scale, where 7 is the highest and 1 the lowest. The Personal Project and Interdisciplinary Learning is also marked using the 1-7 scale.