Admissions Overview

The English Schools Foundation (ESF) offers 9 primary, 5 secondary, 1 special needs, 5 kindergartens and 2 private independent schools, including Discovery College, under the English Schools Foundation. The ESF Ordinance, CAP 1117, states that the object of the Foundation is to offer ‘a modern liberal education through the medium of the English language to boys and girls who are able to benefit from such an education.’

The Foundation’s mission is to inspire creativity and nurture the global citizens and leaders of the future. We will do this by creating joyful learning environments led by a community of exceptional teachers, who bring out the best in every child through a personalised approach to learning and by inspiring curious minds.

Currently, ESF Kindergarten children applying for enrolment to an ESF school for Year 1 enjoy one of the several entry priorities.

Starting from 2022-23, ESF kindergarten children joining K1 from August 2020 (born 2017), who can benefit from a mainstream, English medium curriculum, will be guaranteed a Year 1 place at an ESF school.

Discovery College is one of two Private Independent Schools (PIS) under the English Schools Foundation (ESF).

The College provides an all-through education for primary and secondary students on one campus with English as the medium for teaching and learning, and offers Chinese (Putonghua using simplified characters) as a specialist subject for all students. Students start Year 1 during the calendar year in which they turn 5 and graduate from the College at the end of Year 13.  All successful applicants will need to demonstrate an aptitude for language learning.

Discovery College’s admissions policy is subject to regular review.  It is the responsibility of individual applicants to check the College website for any updates to the policy.  Enquiries may be sent

School Zoning

There is no geographical zoning for Discovery College.

About EDB requirements

In line with the Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB) requirements, Discovery College shall admit students to school in accordance with the prevailing admission policy, including the overarching requirement to admit students holding Hong Kong Permanent Resident status to no less than 70% of the overall student population of the college.

Learning Development

At Discovery College we recognise that all students are individuals in terms of their intellectual and physical abilities and their social and emotional needs. We are sensitive to our students’ needs and provide additional support for those learners whose needs are not being fully met for reasons of language, physical disability, and/or academic ability. These learners are identified as having Individual Needs (IN), an umbrella term to recognise students with Special Educational Needs (SEN); who have English as an Additional Language (EAL); who are Gifted and/or Talented (G&T) in one or more academic areas.

At Discovery College the majority of students have their needs met in the mainstream classes through an inclusive model of support. As the College does not receive any subvention for IN students, it may be unable to provide the necessary support that may be required by students who have greater learning needs. 

All students applying to enter Discovery College will, at the time of admissions, be assessed for IN. The Learning Diversity Team will be consulted when concerns are noted. To be accepted for enrolment at Discovery College all students must meet admissions requirements.

For details of the SEN provision offered by the ESF please refer to

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