2021-22 Annual Strategic Objectives

Purpose Statement

At Discovery College, our core business is “Improving Student Outcomes”. Our Strategic Objectives define our aspiration and key priorities in order to help us achieve our Vision.

Grow… Engage in opportunities for improving learning.
Discover… The power of people, connections and collaboration.
Dream… Provide the best possible learning for all.

Driving Concepts

The following concepts will underpin our behaviours, in that we:

  • Believe that we have each other’s best interests at heart (Trust)
  • Provide autonomy for people to act (Empower)
  • Create value by implementing new ideas (Innovate)
  • Create and maintain the conditions under which people and environments can exist in productive harmony (Sustainability)
  • Value the importance of sharing educational responsibilities for students (Share responsibility)
  • Feel a sense of belonging, purpose and fulfilment (Inclusion)
  • Have positive relationships at the heart of learning and wellbeing (Quality Relationships)
  • Have the ability of people to work together for common purposes in groups and organisations (Collaborate)
  • Support decisions with evidence (Evidence-based)