Personal Project

The Personal Project is an independent inquiry project undertaken by all MYP Year 5 students over an extended period. The student’s personal interests drive the choice of project. Students develop learning skills and reflect on their identities as learners throughout the process.

During the MYP Personal Project, students should document their learning in a process journal, create a product reflecting their new knowledge and research, and finally write a detailed report on their learning journey. The school assigns a teacher supervisor (who shares an interest in the project’s goals) and student mentors (who have previously completed the Personal Project) to guide our Year 11 students through the process. Students will share their journey, and showcase their products during a Personal Project Exhibition (held in the second semester of the school year). In celebration of our Year 11 students’ success and accomplishments over their personal projects, the DC community is invited to attend the exhibition.

The process of completing their Personal Project allows students to identify their strengths, and develop their skills to become self-regulated learners. By understanding themselves as learners, they can build a strong foundation for success in the future, and become lifelong learners. The report is graded externally by the IB. Students who successfully complete their personal project will be awarded a MYP Course Result. These official IB certificates are issued upon their delivery (mid-late September of the following academic year).

The Discovery College Personal Project Handbook provides an explanation of the Personal Project. For specific questions about the MYP Personal Project, please contact the Personal Project Coordinator, Ms Valerie Mao at