Personal Project

The Personal Project is a year-long, independent research project undertaken by all final-year MYP students. The student’s personal interests drive the choice of project and they are expected to record their learning in a process journal, as well as write a detailed report on their learning journey. Students are guided through the Personal Project by a school-assigned supervisor (a teacher at the school who shares an interest in the project’s goals) and supported by senior students mentors who had previously gone through the Personal Project process.

Students who have completed the Personal Project learn much about themselves as learners, in terms of practical learning skills and in terms of areas of personal strengths that are associated with success. This understanding of themselves as learners helps nurture a solid foundation for future success. Completion of the Personal Project is a requirement for the award of the school-issued Year 11 MYP award.

An introduction to Personal Project can be found HERE. For specific questions about the MYP Personal Project, please contact Carolyn Ho (Personal Project Coordinator):