Performing Arts – Drama Scholarship

Drama Scholarship Criteria

Drama scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate the ability to make an exceptional contribution to the College in the area of Drama and Theatre Arts. Successful candidates should have already made significant contributions in the area of performing arts in their current school and/or community. To be considered for a Drama scholarship, students must have a Semester 1 achievement grade of 6 or higher in Drama/Theatre.

In addition to the DC Scholarship Application, Drama Scholarship applicants should prepare and submit a portfolio or scrapbook of theatre involvement and written reflections.

Please note, scholarship applications are reviewed, in the first instance, by the head of the drama department, and short-listed candidates will be invited to an audition and an interview with the scholarship committee at the College.

Through performance, candidates will be able to demonstrate their ability to interpret written material in a dramatic context. They should demonstrate the ability to create and convey character, mood, atmosphere, emotion and narrative with style and accomplishment.

If invited to audition, candidates will be asked to perform two contrasting monologues, one from a modern (post 1950) and the second from a classical play. Candidates will be expected to answer questions about their character development and choices made using the context of the play. Candidates are advised to choose monologues that demonstrate a range of mature acting skills. Other skills such as song, dance, mime and improvisation may also be offered together with evidence of theatre design or technical expertise.

Scholarship applicants should be able to speak with the Scholarship Committee about their experiences with Drama as well as their goals and aspirations in the theatre.

Other Criteria:

In addition to criteria specific to the scholarship type, to receive a scholarship award at Discovery College, students must demonstrate themselves to be leaders among their peers in both academics and community service. This commitment should be demonstrated through contributions to the college community and beyond through service and leadership.

Discovery College looks for globally minded candidates who are able to make sound decisions and solve complex problems with integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness. Candidates should be able to approach unfamiliar situations without anxiety, show sensitivity towards the needs of others and respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures. Above all, DC Scholarship students should be able to give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and development.

All external applicants are expected to pass the Discovery College admissions assessment for their respective year level.

Continuing Requirements:

Recipients of Drama scholarships will be required to support the drama programme at Discovery College. It is compulsory for students to be enrolled in drama classes as part of the Discovery College curriculum through the end of Year 13. Scholarship students should also be prepared to participate in College drama productions and perform at assemblies and other events sponsored by and representing the College. The continued expectation is that students with Drama scholarships earn a minimum average achievement grade of 6 in Drama/Theatre across Semester 1 and 2.

Scholarship students are expected to follow the Discovery College code of conduct, as well as continue to demonstrate themselves as leaders within and outside the College community. Development and fulfilment of requirements will be monitored by the assigned scholarship advisor. The renewal of scholarship awards is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee through their annual review process, which takes into account feedback from the scholarship mentor, deans, and academic grade reports.