Community Engagement Scholarship

Community Engagement Scholarship Criteria

Students applying for Community Engagement scholarships should show a range of participation and leadership in the area of Community Engagement, leading to demonstrated and significant change as follows:

Leadership: Community engagement scholarship students are role models for compassion and service, making a significant contribution to building a sense of shared purpose and community responsibility. They should be able to demonstrate their ability to build stronger communities through helping others flourish in their school and the wider community. In particular, they should be able to demonstrate a substantial track record in initiating and leading positive change both within and beyond their school. Examples could include creating, founding, and/or playing a leading role in social projects or NGOs; holding events or developing programmes that bring about benefit to other people and/or the environment; and/or advocacy at a significant level to benefit a social or environmental cause. This track record should include measures that clearly demonstrate the impact of the students’ leadership.

Collective Social Responsibility: Community engagement scholarship students support their peers in improving their community through championing volunteering, CCA’s and leadership, and participation in Community Engagement Groups. They can demonstrate how they have contributed to a community program or initiative with measurable results, showing how their leadership or participation has had a positive and long lasting impact.

Community Mentorship: Community engagement scholarship students demonstrate positive values and behaviours that inspire and influence others. They should be able to demonstrate how through their mentoring they have supported the personal growth and development of others.

Agents of change: Community engagement scholarship students influence or motivate others to effect positive changes through personal development and self-improvement. They should be able to demonstrate their role in empowering other learners to take principled action, making a difference for themselves, our planet and humanity.

Through a detailed presentation of Community Engagement activities, students should identify each activity, give a description of how they are involved, and outline the significant contribution and outcome of their participation. Students should be able to reflect on their experience and talk about how they would plan to increase participation in meaningful activities at the College.

Scholarship students should active and engaged learners and be able to present themselves as well rounded individuals who participate in a range of activities outside the school environment. Demonstrated leadership ability will be closely looked at by the scholarship committee.

Other Criteria:

In addition to criteria specific to the scholarship type, to receive a scholarship award at Discovery College, students must demonstrate themselves to be leaders among their peers in both academics and community service. This commitment should be demonstrated through contributions to the college community and beyond through service and leadership.

Discovery College looks for globally minded candidates who are able to make sound decisions and solve complex problems with integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness. Candidates should be able to approach unfamiliar situations without anxiety, show sensitivity towards the needs of others and respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures. Above all, DC Scholarship students should be able to give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and development.

All external candidates are expected to pass the Discovery College admissions assessment for their respective year level.

Continuing Requirements:

Once awarded, community engagement scholarship recipients are expected to maintain an exemplary standard in participation in Community engagement activities throughout the year.

Scholarship students are expected to follow the Discovery College code of conduct, as well as continue to demonstrate themselves as leaders within and outside the College community. Commitment to the College and academic pursuits will be monitored by the assigned scholarship mentor. The renewal of scholarship awards is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee through their annual review process, which takes into account feedback from the scholarship mentor, deans, and academic grade reports.