College Fees

Application Fee

The Discovery College application fee is set at HK$1,200. Subject to Education Bureau’s approval, the fee will increase to $2,000 with effect from 1 September 2018. This is a non-refundable, non-transferable administration fee based upon the user-pay-principle whereby the fee level is determined on a cost-recovery basis.


Upon offer of a place there is a 2 month deposit, which is HK$24,520 for Primary, HK$32,800 for Secondary (Years 7-11) and HK$33,160 for Secondary (Year 12&13). The first half of the deposit is offset against the first month’s fees while the remaining half will be credited against the fees for the last month of enrolment, subject to a two-calendar month advance notice of withdrawal in writing (please see Student Withdrawal Procedures). The two-month deposit is non-refundable if the school place is not subsequently taken up.

School Fees

The school fees for 2018-19 academic year are 

HK$122,600 per annum for Primary students (Years 1-6).
HK$164,000 per annum for Secondary students (Years 7-11).
HK$165,800 per annum for Secondary students (Years 12 & 13).

Direct debit is mandatory for paying school fees for all students attending Discovery College. Statement of account and receipts are not sent to parents as fees are paid by monthly direct debit. Fees are due on the first day of each month and parents are responsible for payment of fees, regardless of any personal arrangements parents may have with employers or other parties.

If fee payments are overdue, students may be excluded from school. Once excluded, students will not be re-admitted until all arrears are cleared and at least one further month’s fees are paid in advance. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that an excluded student will be returned to his or her former class.

Further information with regards to tuition fees and the Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL) for 2018-19 academic year can be found in the Information for Parents – Fees letter dated August 2018.

Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL)

Discovery College charges a Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL), which is HK$6,710 per student per year. The NBL is paid over 10 equal instalments of HK$671 alongside the monthly school fees (September to June each year).

This NBL is paid by all students, with the exception of those exempt under the Individual Nomination Rights scheme (applied for prior to 23 February 2012).

The NBL will be used to pay for repair, maintenance and improvement of the school facilities for the benefits of all existing and new students.

It is proposed that the NBL be increased to HK$7,120 per student per year for 2018-19.

The proposed 2018-19 NBL is subject to final approval by the Education Bureau (EDB).

Fee Increases

School fees are determined annually, dependent to some extent on increases to the Consumer Price Index and inflation. The NBL is also reviewed annually and will be partially inflation adjusted. In 2013 the School Council, in association with ESF, sent out to parents a letter regarding potential future school fee increases through 2019 in order to move towards a balanced annual budget. New fees, and projected fees* through to 2019-20:

New fees, and projected fees* through to 2019-20:










% increase





































* Please note that these future fee increases are subject to many variables (interest rates, student enrollment, etc.).


As stipulated in the Service Agreement between the ESL and EDB, 10% of the annual school fee income for Discovery College is set aside for the purpose of scholarships. Of this 10% a total of 2% is reserved for support of the Financial Assistance Scheme.