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Discovery College operates an Online Admission System through the English Schools Foundation. Please click the correct link provided below to submit your application.

Effective from August 2017, Year 1 and Year 7 Central Admissions process for August 2018 entry will be a ‘one form’ application system for ESF primary and secondary schools including Discovery College and Renaissance College. Parents may only submit one online application per child with their selected preference of schools. Subject to final approval by the Education Bureau, the application fee will be HK$2,000.  School zoning ( applies for ESF primary and secondary schools based on residential address at the time of application. Discovery College and Renaissance College remain zone free.

Details of the 2017-18 admissions process will be available from the ESF website in late June 2017.

Application Timetable


Year Group

Academic Year

(Starts 10 Aug 2016)

Academic Year


(Starts mid-Aug 2017)


 Year 1#

Applications open Sept 2015

Applications close May 2017

Applications open Sept 2016

Applications close May 2018


 Years 2-6

Applications open Sept 2015

Applications close May 2017

Applications open Sept 2016

Applications close May 2018


Years 7-11 

Applications open Sept 2015

Applications close May 2017

Applications open Sept 2016

Applications close May 2018


Year 12@ 

Applications open Sept 2016

Applications close Aug 2016

Applications open Sept 2016

Applications close Aug 2017


Year 13* 



# All Year 1 applications for starting a new academic year are required to submit applications starting in September of the previous year.  Those applications received within the Central Application Period (01 September – 30 September) are processed in random order and are assigned a computer generated sequential number. From this list, students are then ordered according to the priority criteria, apart from Nominees under a Corporate Nomination Right, who are ranked according to the time and date that the Company informs the College of the identity of the Nominee, and Nominees of an Individual Nomination Right, who are ranked in order of receipt of their Nomination Rights Application.  Any Year 1 applications received after the Central Application Period are considered late applications and will be placed at the end of their respective priority waiting list in date order of receipt.

@ A student has to be in the IB DP Programme for the full 2 years of the programme and should start school in mid-August of the beginning of the academic year. There is some flexibility in the starting date, but a student will not be able to start after 4 weeks from the start of the academic year.

* Applications for Year 13 will be considered where a student has completed the first year of the IB Diploma Programme in another school. All cases will be examined on an individual basis, and the College reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion, the final decision being that of the Principal. Applications for Year 13 will not be considered for students who have not completed the first year of the IB Diploma Programme.

Please note: If you are applying for primary placement, the College strongly recommends that you (a) consider a Nomination Rights, and/or (b) apply to other schools. The primary section of the school is over-subscribed with long waiting lists at each year level from Year 1 to Year 6. The pressure on our roll is not so great in our secondary year levels, although we cannot guarantee placement to any candidate.

Current (as of 01 July 2017) waiting lists for primary:
Year 1 (children born in 2012): > 60
Year 2 (children born in 2011): > 30
Year 3 (children born in 2010): > 45
Year 4 (children born in 2009): > 50
Year 5 (children born in 2008): > 30
Year 6 (children born in 2007): > 30
Year 7 (children born in 2006): > 20

Year 7 Applications for 2017-18 School Year (Children born in 2006)

All parents are advised that applications to Discovery College for Year 7 for the 2017-18 academic year starting mid-August 2017, for children born in 2006, are to be made through our Online Admission System via the College’s website > ADMISSIONS > Apply Online, using the General Admission Online Application Form –  

This process is different to previous years when applications for Year 7 places were made through our website using the Central Admissions Online Application Form.

This change has been brought about by the expansion in our Primary School, which has seen the number of classes in each Primary Year Group increase from three to four, bringing them in line with the four classes in all Secondary Year Groups.  We now have four Year 6 classes with 120 students as opposed to three classes with 90 students.

Up until the present time, we have had 90 students moving from Year 6 to Year 7, making it possible to offer 30 additional places by way of the Year 7 Central Applications process. In contrast, by the end of the current 2016-17 school year, we will have 120 Year 6 students moving to Year 7. Any spaces for Year 7 for the next academic year will therefore only be available subject to any withdrawals.

Applications for all Year Groups, including Year 7, for the 2017-18 academic year can be made starting from 01 September 2016.

The parents and/or legal guardians of prospective Discovery College students are strongly encouraged to visit the International Baccalaureate’s web site to familiarize themselves with the IB Curriculum (PYP, MYP and Diploma). By proceeding with your application it is assumed by the College that you have read and understood these documents.

Please note:

The Online Admission System is scheduled to perform regular system maintenance every Sunday from 3.00am to 3.30am (Hong Kong time). During this time, the online application forms will not be available. Support for accessing the Online Admission System is provided by the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome on Windows and Mac OS with the browser’s security settings at or below default levels.

General Admission Online Application Form

Parents may submit applications for admission through our Online Admission System and applications will be placed on the candidate list and administered in order of priority category and application date.

Click here for the Discovery College general admission online application form

Central Admission Online Application Form

Applications for Year 1 are through a Central Application process and take place between 1-30 September, one year prior to enrolment. Applications received after 30 September are considered LATE and placed on a waitlist according to priority category and date received.

Click here for Central Admissions for Discovery College Year 1

Further information on the application procedures regarding the submission online of applications for places in Year 1 (born in 2012) commencing August 2017, can be found in the following downloadable document Central Applications for 2017-2018

Nomination Rights

Nomination Rights is a means for parents to gain a “fast track” entry to Discovery College. Further information on Nomination Rights can be found by clicking the following link ‘Nomination Rights‘.