Design Scholarship

Design Scholarship Criteria

Design scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a distinctive personal design style, with advanced ability to communicate design ideas and design detail. Students will produce design products that show refined technical skill and high-quality finish. Students are expected to excel in the practice of design, both inside and beyond of the classroom, through personal design projects or extra curricular activities. To be considered for a Design scholarship, students must have a Semester 1 achievement grade of 6 or above in Design in the MYP or Design Technology in the DP.

Please note, scholarship applications and portfolios are reviewed, in the first instance, by the head of the design department, and short-listed candidates are invited to participate in a design assessment and an interview with the scholarship committee at the College. Students will be required to present a portfolio of design projects, which includes a minimum of two design outcomes and annotated sketches illustrating their design process.

Students will show their work and provide an oral presentation to the scholarship committee. Scholarship candidates should be able to talk about their work, clearly defining their design vision and aspirations.

Other Criteria:

In addition to criteria specific to the scholarship type, to receive a scholarship at Discovery College, students must demonstrate themselves to be leaders among their peers in both academics and community service. This commitment should be demonstrated through contributions to the college community and beyond through service and leadership.

Discovery College looks for globally minded candidates who are able to make sound decisions and solve complex problems with integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness. Candidates should be able to approach unfamiliar situations without anxiety, show sensitivity towards the needs of others and respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures. Above all, DC Scholarship students should be able to give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and development.

All external candidates are expected to pass the Discovery College admissions assessment for their respective year level.

Continuing Requirements:

Recipients of Design scholarships will be required to support the Design department at Discovery College. It is compulsory for scholarship students to be enrolled in design classes as part of the DC curriculum and continue to develop a portfolio through the end of Year 13. The continued expectation is that students with Design scholarships earn a minimum average achievement grade of 6 in Design/Design Technology across Semester 1 and 2.

Once awarded a scholarship, students will be expected to continue to grow and excel in the area of Design, providing mentorship and inspiration to fellow students. Scholarship students should also be prepared to display their work, work with students as instructors/mentors, and participate in design competitions and exhibitions as a representative of Discovery College. Scholarship students will also actively seek opportunities to contribute to school initiatives, such as furniture for classrooms, lamps/bowls/sculpture for meeting rooms or offices, library stands/holders/resources, end of year gifts for leaving students and staff, display stands for student work and service to local or wider communities. Scholarship students are expected to follow the Discovery College code of conduct, as well as continue to demonstrate themselves as leaders within and outside the College community. Development and fulfilment of requirements will be monitored by the assigned scholarship mentor. The renewal of scholarship awards is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee through their annual review process, which takes into account feedback from the scholarship mentor, deans, and academic grade reports.