A new space to play

DCvrsDBISFootballGame-4This spring, the Discovery Foreshore was completed and opened for use by DC and the community. The opening marked the completion of a project that began more than six years ago as a joint effort by Discovery College, the Discovery Bay City Owner’s Committee, HK Resort Company Limited and the DB community. This multi-purpose sports area with artificial turf is a wonderful school and community asset that is open to public use, with group bookings managed by the school.

The sports area is covered in Poligras artificial turf, a FIFA 2-Star certified system, which was featured at the 2012 Olympic Games. On the ground are markings for two pitches of dimensions 51.4 x 22.0 m and 37.3 x 20.1 m. The larger will be put to use for football and rugby, and is equipped with special dual-use goalposts. The smaller will lend itself to football again, as well as netball.

The foreshore area also features a small shaded area to rest, as well as a set of long steps alongside the pitches that will accommodate spectators. The DCPTA has also generously supported the project by funding a large storage shed for sports equipment, a chilled and filtered drinking fountain, the canopy for the shaded area as well as the many trees that will provide cover from the sun.

The pitch has already seen some action from the DC Cobra teams. The PE classes are also active on the pitch, and it has been a positive addition to the space available for recess and play times for all students.

For additional information about group bookings of this space, please contact the business manager, Pat Romano, at 3969 1000.