Expanding the Field of Play

As Discovery College grows, so too has the sports programme and the ability and drive of our Cobra teams. DC has been competitively participating in ISSFHK (International Schools Sports Federation Hong Kong) as well as the HKSSF (Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation) in a wide range of sports. However, in 2014-15 DC also introduced ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) tournaments to the Cobra sports agenda.

ACAMIS provides a platform for our students to participate in tournament environments at a competitive level with schools placed in ‘divisions’. Discovery College is currently in the Silver Division, in which we must stay for two years to gauge our ability to both play and sustain teams. After the two-year period we will be given the opportunity to vie for a position in a division with schools of similar student populations and ability of play.

In the inaugural year of Discovery College participating in ‘core sports,’ including volleyball, basketball and football, we saw some great success. Champions banners came to DC from the girls volleyball tournament, which was hosted by Lemann International School, Chengdu, as well as the girls and boys basketball tournaments, hosted by the International School of Dongguan. In addition, the boys volleyball team was a finalist in the first year of offering boys volleyball at Discovery College.

We saw positive results from invitational events as well with Discovery College students excelling in golf, the Cobra badminton team performing above expectations at the International School of Beijing and the Cobra swim team all producing personal best times at the swim meet held at Nanjing International School.

The Cobra football teams also participated in a tournament hosted by YCIS Shanghai, where the girls team finished in third place and the boys in fourth.

ACAMIS has been a good experience for our students to challenge themselves and work together to achieve tournament success. It also allows students to make connections with students from other schools, as they see each other at various tournaments around the region, building friendly rivalries and most importantly, friendships.