Visible Wellbeing


Who is Professor Lea Waters?

Lea  Waters PhD   is an Australian academic, researcher, psychologist, author and speaker who specialises in positive education, parenting  and organisations.

What is Visible Wellbeing?

Designed by Dr Lea Waters (PhD), research professor and world expert in positive psychology, Visible Wellbeing™ (VWB) combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning and teaching to make wellbeing visible in all classes and across co-curricular activities. The VWB techniques help teachers to use the learning process itself as a delivery mechanism to build student wellbeing. VWB is not a set curriculum, it is a flexible approach which can be applied across any subject matter, and in all contexts – early learning, primary, secondary, and in the staff room. With the VWB approach, academic learning and wellbeing are truly integrated.