Student Counsellors

Jordana VELASCO (Jordy)

I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, which is located in South America near the Caribbean Coast. As a Clinical and Educational Child Psychologist, I’ve always been interested in education and working with kids especially those with learning difficulties and/or social-emotional needs.

As part of my international experience, I’ve worked in Doha and Beirut as a Lower School Counsellor/Psychologist for Grades 1 through 5.  I’m actually very pleased with all the rewarding experiences I have acquired through my 13 years of work and such valuable people I’ve met through this journey. 

I have been able to grow professionally and personally and right now am extremely interested in continuing with my International opportunity as well as being able to learn about different cultures and above all helping others. As part of my hobbies, I enjoy listening to music, dancing, traveling, reading, learning new things, and watching movies as well as spending valuable time with my family and friends.

Michaela BYRNE

I am originally from the United States, living and working all over the country as a counsellor and professor of school counselling. My postgraduate research focused on developing culturally responsive counselling practices in Bhutan. I enjoy working with students, honouring their authenticity and helping them cultivate their strengths. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, spending time at the beach, and being outdoors.


I am excited to join Discovery College as a social worker. I grew up and educated in Hong Kong. I am responsible for providing individual counselling and implementing various types of group activities in the college. I am a sports fanatic, watching football and car racing are my favourites.