Visual Arts

Hannah GRAY


I am a New Zealand citizen with over 20 years of teaching experience in Visual Arts and Design.  Before moving to HK, I taught internationally in Jakarta and, most recently, in Seoul. I have maintained a career as a practising artist participating in exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe, and NZ. I love sharing my passion for the arts with my students. Outside the classroom and studio, I practice yoga, running, hiking, and exploring. I am a keen travel photographer and love books, food, and film. 

Monica HWANG

I was born in Seoul, Korea but have lived overseas for more than half my life. I was an IB student in Beijing and currently hold various roles within the IB. I have worked in Canada, Cambodia, and Vietnam, teaching MYP and DP Visual Arts, Language and Literature, and TOK. My passion as an art educator is focused on fostering creativity and message-making. When not teaching, I like to explore the country and region I live in through food, the arts, or travel. I also enjoy sports and staying healthy, particularly pilates and water sports.

Reysibel Kyle CABATUAN

Originally born in The Philippines and raised in Hong Kong where I recently graduated with a Fine Arts degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I specialise in studio art practices, and I’m interested in exploring video art, digital image, sculpture, and installation as part of my artistic expression. Other than that, I enjoy dancing, watching movies, baking and enjoying the sunsets on the beach or on top of the mountains.