Secondary Leadership Team



I am a founding staff member at Discovery; joining the team in 2006-2007 teaching in the PYP and now the MYP programme (specialising in Language and Literature). Over this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the students mature and become more independent in their thoughts and actions. In addition to my school work, I love reading young adult fiction novels to recommend to my students. 

Alison YANG

I come from a country that used to be called Formosa. I have been an IB educator since 2003 and have experienced teaching in the PYP, MYP, and DP. I like collaborating with teachers, students, and parents, and I enjoy participating in various learning communities. I love travelling with my family and have been to close to  30 countries. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, spending time with my friends and family, and exercising.


I am originally from London and have taught overseas in Lima, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Ho Chi Minh City. I have always been a passionate educator, and my philosophy is grounded in ‘student agency’; it is the basis for turning vision into reality. As a learning leader, I am deeply interested in exploring innovative pedagogy to provide our students with the best and broadest opportunities to learn. I am extremely growth mindset-oriented, so I remain an aspiring barista, chef, and athlete, each of which satisfies my passion and interest in coffee, food, and sport, respectively.

Brian McCANN

Originally from Scotland, I have taught in Egypt, Colombia, England and Thailand, as well as Hong Kong. Before joining Discovery College, I was Head of Science at Renaissance College for five years. I have degrees in both Physics and Psychology, and have taught in the MYP and IB Diploma programmes for many years. I have worked closely with the IB as Deputy Chief Examiner for IB Diploma Physics and Assistant Examiner for Theory of Knowledge. My current role is Secondary Vice-Principal responsible for Years 12 and 13, and the IB Diploma Programme in particular. When not working or spending time with my wife and young twin children, I enjoy hiking in the beautiful hills of Hong Kong.


Jonny TATE

I am originally form Northern Ireland and have over ten years experience in secondary education. Upon leaving the UK in 2008, I have enjoyed seven years as an international educator, teaching IB Diploma Biology and MYP Science as well as coaching rugby and football. I am committed to empowering students, developing leaders and modelling a community of acceptance, democracy and respect for the environment, so that they can all be successful members of our global society. I am currently studying an MBA in International Education and look forward to completing my research. I am an avid sailor and enjoy exploring the waters and islands of Hong Kong. My wife and I recently celebrated the arrival of our first child and we are thoroughly enjoying the challenge of being new parents.