Although I am originally from South Australia, I grew up in a small town on the Island of Borneo where I attended an international school for most of my childhood. I eventually returned to Australia to finish high school and attend university. I worked as a musician and teacher in Australia for many years before moving back overseas to Hong Kong. I love living and working in this vibrant cosmopolitan city and when I get some spare time I like to spend it playing music, surfing, snowboarding and traveling the world.



Born and raised in the US Pacific Northwest, I have enjoyed working as a music educator and performer for over thirteen years in the USA, Vietnam, Japan, Italy and Hong Kong. I am passionate about helping students develop a greater connection to the arts through experiential learning and connecting the Arts to our life experiences and personal stories. Outside of teaching, you can find me engaged in music, reading, taking long walks, and practicing or leading yoga sessions as a certified instructor.

Joseph TADEO