Hannah GRAY

Kate ZHU


Originally from the USA, I have also taught in Colombia, Venezuela, China, and Kuwait. Fun fact: teaching English, technology integration, computer science, and design I have taught students at every grade level. When our students leave school, I want them to have value in a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. When not helping students learn, I am learning about philosophy and the future of work or enjoying music, food, and baseball with family and friends.

Alyson YAN

Alastair MACK

I am originally from the UK but I graduated High School in Malaysia. Over the last 12 years I have taught Mathematics in England, Saudi Arabia and China. My wife and I met while working in Saudi Arabia, and our girls were born while we were working in China. When I am not working, I am playing with my twin girls. Some of my hobbies are football, squash and golf, although I’ll play just about anything.


I was born and bred in Zimbabwe where I have taught Mathematics for eight years before moving to Orlando, Florida, USA. I taught Mathematics in Florida for three years until I relocated to Hong Kong. During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, that’s just for fun, I am still an amateur. I love playing chess and I find joy in teaching others how to play it. I also love seeing new places, listening to music and cooking.

Maggie LEE

My name is Maggie Pui Lam Lee, Chinese teacher. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Prior to working at Discovery College, I spent many years studying in the UK and Australia, and also taught Chinese and Maths in Brisbane for three years. After being away from home for 10 years, I am very glad to be back in Hong Kong and enjoy working at Discovery College.


I am originally from New Zealand, where I started my PE teaching career. Prior to Hong Kong I spent time teaching PE in Seoul and London. I enjoy keeping active and like to spend my free time partaking in outdoor activities.



I am originally from Nelson, New Zealand. My teaching background includes teaching Physical and Health Education in New Zealand, London, and most recently Shenzhen, China. At my previous school, I had the opportunity to develop and implement a new Physical and Health Education curriculum. Through my teaching, I aim to promote the importance of physical activity and develop well-rounded students with a passion for sport and exercise. I am passionate about Rugby and have experience playing and coaching and a keen interest in Snowboarding, Cricket, Golf and exploring the surrounding outdoor environment.

Glenn AU

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I started my career with a brief stint in banking before embarking on my journey as a teacher. I have spent the past four years working in schools in both the UK and Hong Kong. As a Business teacher, I am passionate about exposing students to different industries and preparing them with skills for the next stage in their lives. Outside of teaching, I am an avid swimmer, water-sports lover, hiker, and reader.


I’m a born and bred Hong Konger- with a few years in Singapore and England thrown in there too. Music is one of my greatest delights, although I can’t play an instrument or sing to save myself. I love to read and also love netball – playing, coaching, training. I have a BA in Philosophy and Politics and am a great instigator of debates.


I am a New Zealand citizen with over 20 years of teaching experience in Visual Arts and Design.  Before moving to HK, I taught internationally in Jakarta and, most recently, in Seoul. I have maintained a career as a practising artist participating in exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe, and NZ. I love sharing my passion for the arts with my students. Outside the classroom and studio, I practice yoga, running, hiking, and exploring. I am a keen travel photographer and love books, food, and film. 

Monica HWANG

I was born in Seoul, Korea but have lived overseas for more than half my life. I was an IB student in Beijing and currently hold various roles within the IB. I have worked in Canada, Cambodia, and Vietnam, teaching MYP and DP Visual Arts, Language and Literature, and TOK. My passion as an art educator is focused on fostering creativity and message-making. When not teaching, I like to explore the country and region I live in through food, the arts, or travel. I also enjoy sports and staying healthy, particularly pilates and water sports.

Terence Man

I am originally from Macau, but I have called Hong Kong my home since 2012. Before joining Discovery College, I worked as a higher education counsellor at another school in Hong Kong for the past four years. 

I am an avid believer that the best higher education guidance always stems from a good understanding of oneself. Knowing that making decisions about life after DC could be both exciting and daunting at the same time, I would like to ensure students feel supported in the process while being aware of the options available to them. I am excited to share my experience and stories with students at DC and to empower them to take ownership in their explorations of their ‘right-fit’ higher education options.

Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors and exploring unknown urban areas. I am also a huge lover of pugs, and I plan to adopt one in the future! 



Although I am originally from South Australia, I grew up in a small town on the Island of Borneo where I attended an international school for most of my childhood. I eventually returned to Australia to finish high school and attend university. I worked as a musician and teacher in Australia for many years before moving back overseas to Hong Kong. I love living and working in this vibrant cosmopolitan city and when I get some spare time I like to spend it playing music, surfing, snowboarding and traveling the world.



I am a third culture kid, mixing Dutch, English and Singaporean cultures with a few more countries that I have had the fortune to live in. As a drama teacher, I enjoy discovering theatrical cultures and practices, and learning alongside my students whenever possible. I love the magic of drama, and am passionate when teaching the subject. My other obsession is Scuba diving, which has brought me on some great adventures over the years. When I’m not in a theatre or underwater I can be found with my husband, children and small menagerie of pets.   

Martina O’CONNOR


Born and raised in the US Pacific Northwest, I have enjoyed working as a music educator and performer for over thirteen years in the USA, Vietnam, Japan, Italy and Hong Kong. I am passionate about helping students develop a greater connection to the arts through experiential learning and connecting the Arts to our life experiences and personal stories. Outside of teaching, you can find me engaged in music, reading, taking long walks, and practicing or leading yoga sessions as a certified instructor.