Year 5


I come from London but have lived in the Netherlands, America and Hong Kong. I enjoy all sports and run, swim and play soccer as much as possible. I have been a teacher for 15 years and although I enjoy teaching across the curriculum I have a passion for awakening the ‘sleeping mathematician’ that hides within all students.


I was born in California and raised in Ohio, where I spent my youth in the small football town of Pickerington. I left the states in 2012 and have taught in Korea, Morocco, and now Hong Kong.  Outside of teaching, I have numerous hobbies and interests, not the least of which is cycling and running.  I’m also an avid reader and consider it a goal to build the love of reading into all the students I teach. 


Originally from Canberra, Australia, I have been fortunate to have lived and taught in New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and most recently Hong Kong. I have taught in both public and independent schools across a range of year levels and curriculums, and I am very passionate about student wellbeing and engagement in learning. When not working, I enjoy reading, baking, learning Spanish, and travelling.

Craig GOUK

I was raised in a small town about an hour from Toronto, Canada. As soon as I could, I set off to explore the world and have lived in seven countries and visited many more. The diversity of people in international education is amazing and something I enjoy celebrating in my own classroom. I’m passionate about research and spend a lot of time reading, trying to figure out how to support students to the best of my ability. Outside of the classroom, I’m up for anything outdoors, especially ultimate frisbee. I also really enjoy playing the guitar, exploring my surroundings, and watching films.


Konnichiwa. I am from the exciting city of Tokyo, Japan and I am qualified as a Secondary Teacher there. I moved to HK in 2004 with my wonderful husband first child. We now have 4 beautiful daughters and they are all studying in DC. I love outdoor sports, traveling, reading, cooking and watching sports with my family. I also love children and have a passion to support them with their learning.