Year 4

Kellie BERRY

I am Australian, but I have resided outside of Australia for more than half of my life, being fortunate to have also lived in Japan and New Zealand during my formative years. 

I earned my Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Australia and taught for three years there before moving to Hong Kong in 2009. I have accrued over 11 years of International Baccalaureate PYP teaching experience in Hong Kong. Drawing on my years of PYP Coordinator and Mathematics Coordinator experience, I also have a keen interest in curriculum development and pedagogical practices. I am passionate about facilitating engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant learning experiences for all learners.

Staying active, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family is important to me. Exploring Hong Kong on foot in our spare time, we stroll beaches, navigate the streets and sights of this vast city or traverse the hills with our hiking packs. On quieter days, I enjoy tuning into podcasts and audiobooks, getting creative, or learning new crafting skills with my daughter, who is a secondary student at DC. 

Charlene CANN

I was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Chinese mother and New Zealand father.  Having grown up in ESF schools, I feel passionate about embracing an international mindset and being part of such a culturally diverse community. I was university-educated in Sydney, Australia before deciding to return home to Hong Kong to work within ESF. I have a passion for wellbeing and outdoors, where I love seeing children foster a love for nature and the environment around them. In my own time, I enjoy travelling, exploring new running trails, practising yoga and watching the All Blacks rugby team.


I grew up in a coastal town on the east coast of South Africa. After 11 years of teaching at both private and state schools, and starting my own family, we decided it was time to see more of the world. We have lived in Vietnam and Norway before coming to Hong Kong.  

I feel very grateful for the opportunities international teaching has afforded my family and I. I love learning from new cultures, making new friends and, having worked in international IB PYP schools, I appreciate how this curriculum prepares young people for the future.

Away from the classroom I enjoy being near the water, reading and taking photographs.


I’m from the east coast of Canada. I have taught elementary in Ontario, Canada, Seoul, and South Korea. I enjoy travelling, reading, and playing sports such as basketball, tennis, and soccer, but my favorite is hockey. I am always looking for new and exciting experiences.

Nicolien FRYER

South African born, I have been in Hong Kong and Discovery Bay since 2008. I have been an active
member of the DC community since my children started school. My education and work experience was in Finance but after moving to Hong Kong I decided to teach English while pursuing my Diploma in Child Psychology. In my spare time I enjoy beach tennis, traveling and hiking.

Gillian Friend