Lindsay FISHER



I come from London but have lived in the Netherlands, America and Hong Kong. I enjoy all sports and run, swim and play soccer as much as possible. I have been a teacher for 15 years and although I enjoy teaching across the curriculum I have a passion for awakening the ‘sleeping mathematician’ that hides within all students.

Kellie BERRY

I am Australian, but I have resided outside of Australia for more than half of my life, being fortunate to have also lived in Japan and New Zealand during my formative years. 

I earned my Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Australia and taught for three years there before moving to Hong Kong in 2009. I have accrued over 11 years of International Baccalaureate PYP teaching experience in Hong Kong. Drawing on my years of PYP Coordinator and Mathematics Coordinator experience, I also have a keen interest in curriculum development and pedagogical practices. I am passionate about facilitating engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant learning experiences for all learners.

Staying active, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family is important to me. Exploring Hong Kong on foot in our spare time, we stroll beaches, navigate the streets and sights of this vast city or traverse the hills with our hiking packs. On quieter days, I enjoy tuning into podcasts and audiobooks, getting creative, or learning new crafting skills with my daughter, who is a secondary student at DC. 

Thomas Yao

Hi my name is Thomas Yao, I am originally from Hangzhou, China. I have been living in Hong Kong for 15 years and I have been enjoying the time here with my wife and 1-year-old daughter. I studied in Hong Kong and Australia for my BEd and MEd, after that, I started working in various international schools in Hong Kong. Before I joined Discovery College, I worked at ESF Quarry Bay School for eight years. In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family and go swimming with my daughter. I also work as a part time Divemaster in Sai Kung on some weekends. 

Nicola DUNN

A New Zealand trained teacher, I have been a member of several New Zealand learning communities over the past 20 years with teaching and leadership experience with learners from 5-13 years of age. I am passionate about fostering creativity and curiosity as a facilitator of learning. My son Harry has just turned 20 so it’s my turn to spread my wings and explore living, learning and making new friends in Hong Kong. My favourite things to do are exploring new places with friends and any opportunities to be creative.


I returned to Hong Kong 10 years ago to work for ESF, having spent most of my childhood here. I have worked in several ESF schools as a class teacher, and in more recent years have been working in a range of Special Educational Needs roles. Prior to returning to Hong Kong, I trained and worked as primary teacher in the South West of England. Discovery Bay has been my family’s home for the last few years, and we love the outdoor lifestyle here; but we also enjoy exploring the diversity of experiences that the rest of Hong Kong has to offer.


I was born in California and raised in Ohio, where I spent my youth in the small football town of Pickerington. I left the states in 2012 and have taught in Korea, Morocco, and now Hong Kong.  Outside of teaching, I have numerous hobbies and interests, not the least of which is cycling and running.  I’m also an avid reader and consider it a goal to build the love of reading into all the students I teach. 


I am originally from Australia, but have spent many years teaching in Hong Kong. I have lived in Discovery Bay for most of these years and now have two children who attend Discovery College. My background in education is Early Childhood and I have a passion for positive education. When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, baking and trail running as often as I can.

Charlene CANN

I was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Chinese mother and New Zealand father.  Having grown up in ESF schools, I feel passionate about embracing an international mindset and being part of such a culturally diverse community. I was university-educated in Sydney, Australia before deciding to return home to Hong Kong to work within ESF. I have a passion for wellbeing and outdoors, where I love seeing children foster a love for nature and the environment around them. In my own time, I enjoy travelling, exploring new running trails, practising yoga and watching the All Blacks rugby team.


I’m so thrilled to be back at Discovery College full-time! I have spent the past four years as a supply teacher here in DC while enjoying the extra time at home raising my two young children. My husband Kevin and I first joined DC in 2012. We have loved watching former students move upward through the school and are now proud DC parents. Originally from Canada, I’ve been teaching internationally for 14 years now.


Originally from Canberra, Australia, I have been fortunate to have lived and taught in New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and most recently Hong Kong. I have taught in both public and independent schools across a range of year levels and curriculums, and I am very passionate about student wellbeing and engagement in learning. When not working, I enjoy reading, baking, learning Spanish, and travelling.


I am originally from a small community on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada. Having taught a range of year levels, I would undoubtedly say my passion remains in the primary years. During my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons. We love to travel, ski, hike, play tennis and explore the many trails in and around Discovery Bay.


I am originally from South Yorkshire in the UK, although Hong Kong is very much home to me, having lived here for the last ten years. Before living in Hong Kong, I had a fantastic time living and working in Rome, Italy. I have a passion for teaching, especially in the Early Years, and I enjoy supporting children in their learning through the power of play. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends outdoors, exploring the beautiful trails and beaches that Hong Kong has to offer.

Louise Mills

Having grown up in Queensland, Australia, I have lived abroad for over 25 years. I have taught in Australia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Qatar and once again in Hong Kong. I have held many and varied roles throughout my career including PYP Coordinator both here and in Qatar, Assistant Head of Primary, PYP Teacher Librarian, SEN, EAL and class teacher and have spent over 16 years in PYP schools. Living and working abroad have allowed me the opportunity to combine many of my passions – meeting people, learning about other cultures, travelling, hiking, photography and of course, working in some very dynamic schools like DC.

Emma-Louise Cathrae

I am originally from the Northeast of England but have been an Expat for most of my life. I have been lucky to live and work across three continents, thoroughly enjoying the adventures and new cultural experiences this has brought.

Having started my teaching career in Secondary Schools in England, I have spent the last 8 years working in Primary and all through education. I have been privileged to be part of three founding teams over the years, where I have built positive, engaged communities in which students and teams thrive as independent, happy, curious individuals.

I represented England Athletics as a teenager and believe it is essential to provide a vast array of opportunities for students outside of a curriculum to support character building and develop various skills. Outside of school life, I enjoy travelling, a variety of sports, and the arts with my amazing family.


I am originally from Canada, but have spent the last seventeen years teaching in New Zealand and then here, in Hong Kong. When I arrived in Hong Kong seven years ago I worked at Discovery Bay International School before moving onto ESF and Bradbury School, where I taught for four years. When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports and writing.



I am originally from New Zealand, where I started my teaching career. Following that, I taught in the UK.  Since there I have been fortunate to work in international schools in Beijing, Nur-Sultan, and here in Hong Kong. During this time, I have worked across a range of Early Childhood settings. 

I enjoy living and working in Hong Kong. I have two dogs and appreciate the outdoor lifestyle that living in Discovery Bay offers. 

Deborah PLANT

I am from the UK and am married to a New Zealander. I have taught in the UK, Qatar, Brunei, New Zealand and Bali.  Teaching and travel are two of my passions and so I really enjoy working and living in international communities.  I appreciate the rich cultural diversity Hong Kong has to offer. I am committed to Discovery College’s Vision for students and teachers to grow, discover and dream together. Throughout my career I have taught Primary-aged children and find their curiosity, honesty, joy of life and love of learning inspirational and an absolute joy and privilege to work with. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, walking, cycling and reading.

Suvy SHU

Ni Hao! I am from Beijing. I have been teaching Mandarin for several in Hong Kong. I am very excited to be part of the team at Discovery College and enjoy teaching and learning with the children.