Business Manager

I am an adventurer and strong believer in lifelong learning.

So far I have only taken two three-year learning breaks in my life, one was in my infancy and the other one was my daughter’s infancy. Every year, I have set my target to learn at least one new thing or getting a new license. During my spare time, I have lots of hobbies such as hiking, running, camping, snowboarding, SUPs, flight training, film photography, candle wax crafting and baking. As an adventurer, I have done skydiving, aerobatic flight, completed 19 running races within six months and been to Arctic Circle three times to chase the Aurora Borealis. Over the last few years, I have been focusing on completing my private pilot license in Canada and my bread making chef license in Hong Kong.

I lived in Toronto when I was in high school and university. Before joining Discovery College, I was working in Banking & Finance industry for many years. My most rewarding achievement is being a mom of a DC student. She was my first passenger on one of my flight trainings in Vancouver a few years ago.