Bass Guitar and Double Bass Music Tutor

Mr Steve Umehara studied at the Manhattan School of Music in Summer 1998. He has an extensive experience in playing bass guitar and double bass. He performed in several Local Band and Orchestra, as The Victoria Jazz Band (Swing Jazz 1994-), BenziNe in DB(Folk Rock 2012-), Witness Production (Musical in DB 2003-2011), Discovery Bay Big Band (Jazz Orchestra 2009/2011/2014/2015), Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra (former Sik Hak Band), The Stray Katz Big Band (Jazz Orchestra 2003), Basic Notes Jazz Big Band, (Jazz Orchestra 1999-2002), Michel Legrand Big Band in HK (Jazz May2000), HK Tak Ming Philharmonic Winds(Wind Ensemble 2014-2015), Ensemble Dimanche HK(Classical Orchestra 2003-2013).

He is a music tutor at DC since the academic year of 2014-15.