School Song Writing Competition

The DC Student Council in conjunction with the DC Music Captains are offering students, staff and alumni an opportunity to win $10,000 in the School Songwriting Competition. Got an anthem inside you? Enter your school song by 13 September 2019 for your chance at the big prize generously sponsored by the DCPTA.

Enter your song HERE.

Competition Requirements/Rules

  1. Persons affiliated with the school may enter, including
    • Current students
    • Teachers/staff
    • Alumni
  2. Submissions can be collaborative works
  3. A minimum of one audio file (e.g. mp3) and one word document (containing the lyrics of the song) will be submitted
  4. The piece must be
    • At least 2 minutes long
    • No longer than 5 minutes
  5. The submission will consist of
    • Minimum one voice
    • Minimum one accompaniment instrument (e.g. piano, guitar)
  6. Lyrics must
    • reflect the school motto Grow. Discover. Dream. but the phrase Grow. Discover. Dream. does not have to be directly quoted in the lyrics
    • use school appropriate language
    • use whole school-appropriate themes/ideas
  7. Submissions are suggested to be
    • Simple
    • Adoptable
    • Catchy/Easy to remember
    • Repetitive
    • Use verse-chorus form
  8. If the submitter(s) have the knowledge to, they are encouraged to submit their piece notated (e.g. the chords accompanying the lyrics, Sibelius file etc.)