Each year the DCPTA raises funds to enhance the school life and learning for students, teachers and parents at Discovery College. Below are some of the initiatives the DCPTA has proudly supported.

DCPTA funding to support our College

The DCPTA made a generous monetary donation of $500,000 to Discovery College which was used to purchase a variety of items that have greatly benefited all the students across the school.

A piano in the primary cafeteria, ping pong tables in the foyer, basketball hoops, sofas and bean bags in the Senior Student Centre for the Year 12 and 13 students to relax and study, were some of the items purchased to enhance the enjoyment of the students at school.

Funding student initiatives

The DCPTA makes available up to HK$20,000 annually to the DC Student Council, enabling the funding of student-initiated projects. Initiatives include playground sports equipment for use by Primary students at breaks and lunchtimes, requested by Primary Class Captains, equipment for the Diploma students’ common room, and more.

The DCPTA – through funds from second hand uniform sales – also provides $500 per Primary class per year and $1500 per year for each Secondary year group, to help Class Parent Representatives (Primary) and students/deans (Secondary) bring year groups together for social events. These include year group movie afternoons, discos, socials, water play afternoons, pizza parties, and more.