No Boundaries (Y10-12)

No Boundaries LogoFrom a building project in rural Philippines, to community development work in Chiang Mai, to trekking in the jungles of Borneo – an exciting range of activities are offered to students participating in Discovery College’s Year 10-12 No Boundaries programme.

No Boundaries offers all students in Years 10-12 a range of experiential learning activities. It provides them with an opportunity to be involved in a number of challenging and meaningful learning experiences, through which leadership skills, an awareness of self and others, and exposure to different perspectives are developed. These experiences offer students unique exposure to other cultures and communities, aiming to deepen their understanding of others.

In developing these trips the College aims to offer experiences that will help develop self-awareness by providing physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. Itineraries are developed to include activities that will promote independence, responsibility, cooperation and goal setting among students. Moreover, No Boundaries gives students exposure to new cultures and points of view.

A number of No Boundaries activities also have service as a part of the experience. In setting up these community engagement opportunities, a focus is given to working with the community being visited, rather than simply doing something for that community. We strive for students to gain an appreciation of the issues faced by communities in the destinations they visit, aiming to foster an understanding of these issues rather than oversimplifying them.

Activities that involve a strong focus on community engagement are developed using a reliable and reputable organisation at the location to ensure that the community students will work with are involved in the planning of the action that students will take. The planned community engagement is one that is relevant, meaningful, challenging and directly addresses an identified community issue.

All activities rely on reflection to help deepen the learning experience for students. Before, during, and after each activity students are also involved in critical thinking exercises to have them consider their perceptions about the people and places they visit as well as how the experience may have challenged them personally. They are asked to reflect on what they learned about themselves, their relationship with others, and the importance of teamwork or leadership in their experience.

No Boundaries takes place from November 16-22 2019.  Details of the learning experiences offered to students in Years 10-12 at that time will soon be released.  Please visit the No Boundaries website for information