Digital Literacies and Laptop Programme

Our vision for digital and information literacies

Digital and information literacies engages with the DC vision (Grow. Discover. Dream.) to support:

  • structured and purposeful inquiry
  • investigating, creating, personalising, communicating, collaborating and organising.
  • being responsible for their own learning.
  • digital citizenship.
  • developing and applying strategies for critical and creative thinking, making connections, and applying new understandings and skills in different contexts.
  • international mindedness.
  • authentic use of technology within learning and teaching.
  • embracing new opportunities where technology can enhance learning.

Laptop and Computer Access

  • students in Year 1-2 will access iPads provided by the College when required
  • Students in Year 3-5 will access Laptops and iPads provided by the College when required
  • students in Year 6 and above will use one to one computing and are required to buy a laptop computer and associated software in line with the current model being supported in the College. Current laptop model information can be found on the College website.
  • all teaching staff are provided with a laptop computer and are required to use this for investigation, reflection, evaluation, lesson planning, developing resources, presenting and organising ideas, administration, reporting, communication with other staff, parents and students
  • students may be asked to help develop and sign essential agreements about when and how laptops are used that are year level specific

Digital Citizenship Education

DC provides infused learning opportunities related to online safety and security when using digital technologies. Key resources that are used to highlight elements of digital citizenship include use of “Hector’s World” with students Yrs 3 – 6, which is an online learning environment that aims to educate through use of child orientated interests and tools. At MYP level developing positive digital citizenship involves ‘just in time’ education; for example, a project requiring music for a presentation can also involve a session of investigating issues surrounding pirating music, video etc. Sessions on Digital Citizenship are also held regularly during Learning Team morning time.

The school is committed to strengthen the partnership between home and school by offering presentations and workshops related to online safety and security. The aim is to form positive digital citizenship expectations that are consistent between home and school, with parents and school keeping each other informed about current positive and negative online trends to be aware of.

Chromebook 1:1 Programme

All students enrolling at Discovery College in Year 6 and Year 7 and Year 8 are required to purchase a laptop. Students in these years have the option to purchase a  Chromebook through the school. Details for the purchase programme will be sent to current Year 5 parents and new Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 students.  Please contact if you have any questions.

Apple Laptop 1:1 Programme

All students enrolling at Discovery College in Year 9 or above are still required to purchase an Apple laptop. We also highly recommend you buy a USB backup drive of at least 1TB to protect your child’s work.  Soon in the future, all students will choose either an Apple laptop or a Chromebook depending on their nature of studies. If they prefer, Year 6,  7 and 8 students have the option of purchasing an Apple laptop instead of a Chromebook.

For new students without a laptop

The school has negotiated very favourable prices and the pricing can be found on the ordering portal. This pricing is around 15% below retail and below normal education pricing. Apple’s authorised agent Senco-Masslink is handling the purchase as it does for the majority international schools in HK. This agreement allows families to buy up to two Apple computers (one laptop, one desktop) each year at this discount rate. 

Visit the special order portal to place your order online.


Payment can be made on the website by cheque, bank-in payment or credit card through Paypal. 

Benefits of buying through Senco-Masslink including APP

  1. The laptops will be delivered ready for use. All DC network settings and software can be download via self-service.
  2. Access to warranty service and support onsite at DC.
  3. Access to a free loan machine in the case of any problem (warranty claim, accidental damage etc).

If you do not purchase through SENCO please note:

  1. Any warranty claim needs to be done at an Apple store (not at DC).
  2. Our on site technician will not perform any diagnostics or repairs on the laptop.

Laptop collection for this academic year

This year Y6 Laptops will be distributed at one collection and information session to be sent to parents in due course. 

Laptop Insurance

We also recommend that parents of students in Year 6 and above ensure that insurance coverage is provided for their student’s laptops. Zurich DC MacBook Insurance Enrolment Form can be picked up at ICT Office near reception at Discovery College.

Year 6 Laptop Programme Introduction – Digital Citizenship

In order to develop a strong understanding of the key expectations in the Responsible Use Agreement, students in Year 6 participate in a year long inquiry class led by the Digital Literacy Coordinator. The aim of this inquiry is to help the Year 6 students transition into Year 7 and MYP with a sound understanding of appropriate, independent use of their new laptops and also to develop a digital portfolio format they can continue to use in subsequent years.

Digital Citizenship specifically inquires into what it looks like to be a digital citizen in today’s learning environment, utilising their new laptops and other mobile technologies in a positive manner. Elements that are explored in depth are; online safety and security, communication methods, the DC Responsible Use Agreement, design and layout features for good digital portfolios, skills needed to create their own digital portfolio based on inquiry findings.

Laptop Compliance

To ensure smooth and productive user experience, all student laptops used within the college will be automatically checked for compliance in terms of content and applications loaded.

Responsible use agreement

All students who enter the College agree to abide by the responsible use agreement. A copy can be found in the Parent & Student Handbook.

Start of Year Check

We collect student laptops for a compliance check, system software upgrade, application installation, password administration, and general maintenance during the first two weeks of school. Please clearly label your name, network user name, and password on your laptop before you hand it over. The laptops will be collected and returned on the same day where possible.

Discovery College ICT Service Centre

The ICT Service Centre is located next to the Nurse’s room on the ground floor. Our ICT Technicians can be contacted directly by phone 3969 1000 or by email

Laptop Programme Presentation