Parent – Teacher – Student Meetings via Zoom

  • Please make sure you have downloaded the Zoom Application onto your computer. You will also need to sign into Zoom. Here is the link:
Zoom Website image
Zoom Website for signing into Zoom or registering for Zoom

We have restricted these meetings so that only signed in users can join the meetings. If you do not have a zoom account you will not be able to join.

  • You will an email from Discovery College Teachers inviting you to join the Meet the Learning Advisor Online Conferences.

The email will have the subject containing your child’s first name and initial letter of their surname  and the name of the conference.
Eg. James S. – Meet the Learning Advisor Online Confirmation
The sender of the email is the teacher you will be meeting with. If you do not receive the email, please check in your spam folder in the first instance.

The email will look something like the images below depending on your email client:

Email Image Showing Zoom link
Email from Discovery College containing your Zoom invitation link
Other Email Format
  • Optional – It is possible to add the meetings to your calendar by clicking the Add to Calendar links. 
  • Please save the teacher emails so on the day of the conference you use the “click here to join” link if you have not added the event to your calendar.
  • Accessing the meetings – please see below for how you will join each Zoom meeting:
    • When you click the link  a web page will open and you will see a window that says launching.
Zoom Lauching Window
Zoom is launching
  • Above that will be a floating window asking you to launch Zoom.
Open Zoom Window
Click open
  • When you have launched Zoom:
  • You will see this window just before the start of your meeting. Please note if you are to early your host may be attending another meeting.
Zoom waiting room image
Zoom Waiting Room
  • Once the teacher admits you into the meeting you should see the zoom Window.
Zoom Window

Your Camera and microphone controlls are at the bottom left of the screen. Please use the chat button to open chat if you have a problem.