Confirm Your Child

If your child’s information is missing from Gateway – i.e. their name is not appearing in any student drop-down lists and you can’t see their reports, demographics info, etc, – it is likely because you have not confirmed them as your child. Please follow the instructions below to confirm your children:

  1. Log in to the Gateway at using your Gateway Parent username and password.
  2. Your children information should be listed on the dashboard, if it does not show your children information on the dashboard, click on ‘Account’ link in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Input your children’s information and make sure that all your children are confirmed.

    Confirm any children who are not yet confirmed by entering their date of birth and click ‘Submit’ button below the children list.IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need to reset your password when confirming your children. The ‘confirm children’ and ‘reset password’ sections share the same page, but have separate ‘Submit/Cancel’ buttons – make sure you click on ‘Submit’ button in ‘confirm children’ section.
  4. NOTE: If you have entered a correct date of birth, but the system reports it as incorrect when you submit the form, please contact the College by email at stating your name, your child’s name and class, and correct date of birth. The College may request a copy of a proof document if we do not already have one or if date of birth in our copy is different.