ARR/OOA Tutorial – Primary

Viewing/Printing OOA reports

  1. Log in to the Gateway at using your Gateway Parent username and password.
  2. Click onto the students image 
  3. There will be eight boxes listed with 8 different colours, click on ARR reports
    ARR report-student-gateway
  4. Your child’s reports will be listed in ascending chronological order by school year.
     If your child is not listed in the Student drop-down list, please make sure you have confirmed them.
    Select the report you would like to download. Note: Not all subjects will appear on the report until the end of the year due to ongoing online assessment.
  5. To view the ARR reports of individual subject, you may click on the tab “Online Report”. Click the “View” button to open the documents.
    online report
  6. The ARR online report will be presented under the same window.
    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.12.01 PM