Visible Learning

Success at Discovery College is about ensuring that learning is visible for both our learners and teachers.

Key elements of visible learning for our students include:

  • Being able to articulate/explain their learning intention/goal (What)
  • Understanding the progression of learning and where they are in relation to the goal (Where)
  • Understanding how to make further progress, and in which aspects of their learning (Next steps)
  • Being part of the process of unit design and reflection (student involvement).

Key elements of visible learning for our teachers include:

  • Using Learning Intentions & success criteria, which are clear, visible and understood by all students, at all times
  • Involving students in the act of unit design and reflection
  • Providing powerful feedback which addresses how students can make further progress; involve students in the creation and processing of this feedback
  • Understanding and utilising the factors that research tells us makes the greatest difference to students learning and achievement
  • Using a range of evidence to know the impact of their teaching strategies on student learning.

Visible learning is based on the work of Professor John Hattie. John Hattie became internationally respected for his work including Visible Learning and Visible Learning for teachers.