Student Council

The Student Council consists of two elected student representatives from each year level across Years 7-13. Our role is to represent all Discovery College students in terms of wellbeing. We meet regularly to discuss a range of topics that relate to student needs and school improvement. The Student Council has been instrumental in establishing, amongst other things, the Student-run CCAs and Cultural Stories. We are also responsible for allocating an annual PTA grant for student-led initiatives, and we coordinate the Cafeteria Advisory Group.

Student Council Bios

Year 7

Csombor Balogh

My name is Csombor Balogh. I am half American and half Hungarian. At Discovery College I have been a Green House Captain, Class Captain, and a member of Green Cobras. I enjoy spending time with my friends at school and outside school. I like being social and make new friends. I hope to be a good Student Council leader and will try my best to improve the school. I am honored to represent Y7. Thank you and I hope to meet you soon.

Holly Terrebrood

Hi, I am Holly Terrebrood and I am 10 years old and I am in this year’s student council. I was born in Singapore but I am originally from America and China. I have been house captain for yellow house, class captain and also captain of my rugby team. I look forward to making this year a great year for everyone.

Year 8

Carl Loeffler

Hi, my name is Carl Loeffler and I am excited to be the Y8 Student Council Representative. I am 12 years old and I am originally from Germany but was born in Hong Kong and grew up since then here. I love playing tennis and basketball. I am interested in politics, economics, business and finance. Even though I only joined DC in Y7, I have already known quite a bit about the school’s culture as I have 2 older siblings at DC (my sister graduated in June 2019.) DC is a great place and I am eager to put our ideas forward to make the school even better.

Lola Kucher

Hello, my name is Lola Kucher, I am from Canada and I have only been in DC for a year. I decided to become a student council representative to be more social with students in my year as well as students in other years. I may help new students feel as welcome as I did when I first arrived. I enjoy playing sports particularly gymnastics and a bit of soccer. My goal for the DC community is to make this year a memorable one. I am so happy and grateful for being the Y8 student council representative for 2019/20.

Year 9

Edwin Gustafsson 

My name is Edwin and I am half Chinese and half Swedish. In the past I have been a House Captain, a Class Captain and also a member of the Student Council. I like sports, especially Mountain biking and Ice Hockey. I am a great leader and I am trustworthy because “What we say is what we do.” My DC community dream is to make DC a nice, safe and enjoyable place for students. I am happy to represent DC Year 9 in the student council for 2019/20. If we work for what we want, it will eventually become true.

Angela Ye

I am very grateful to be able to serve as Student Council this year. I am Chinese but was born in the US, and have been in DC since 2012. I think it is important to give back to the community that has continued to do so much for me. Being a leader means speaking on behalf of my cohort and participating in the improvement of our school, and I hope that in doing so we can create a better learning environment for everyone.

Year 10

Arnav Saxena

This is my third year in Student Council, I truly enjoy and love being a part of such an influential body such as the Student Council. I am excited to represent Y10 this year because I will have a bigger role in being involved in projects that are finishing from previous year and bringing new opportunities for next year. One of my biggest fears and challenges last year was stepping up to work in projects and stepping up to bigger roles in Student Council. This year I will be more expressive. My goal for next year is to finish the International Mindedness project on a good note. After that I hope to start an even more impactful and focused project with the Student Council, implementing ideas like grow, discover, dream and our learner profiles to encourage DC as a whole to become the best it can be.

Eluisa Foti

Hi, my name is Eluisa Foti and I will be the Y10 student councillor for the 2019/20 school year. I joined DC in Y7 and was an ambassador in Y7 & 8. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived here my whole life. I enjoy participating in MUN conferences and playing music. I hope that I can bring a lot to the team and can help make DC a better place.

Year 11

Kershaun Mathew

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Being in Discovery College since Y1, I have always been learning to Grow. Discover. Dream. I have been previously elected for many leadership roles such as Class Captain, CE Captain, and House Captain. My goal is to strive for betterment of Discovery College as a whole and also communicate effectively with my peers. Outside of school, I have a passion for extracurricular activities in sports and music. I play the drums, piano, am a member of DB squash team and have also run for the DC cross-country team. I look forward to my third term as a Student Council member, working closely with Mr Smith and fellow Discovery College students from all year levels, to improve quality of life for all of us in DC.

Serena Wong

As John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are absolutely indispensable to each other.” As I continue on into my second term as a representative on the student council, yet another wave of opportunities arrive, allowing me to constantly grow and refine my own skills, along with those of the students in this school. DC has provided us with plentiful amounts of unique learning experiences that have shaped us to become the people we are today, confident, compassionate and international-minded. I was born and raised in HK myself and am also from Malaysia. DC became another home from Y1 as I quickly gained passions for writing, reading and the arts. These passions come alongside other interests including my fascination with space and technology. I am sure that the skills accumulated throughout my experience with being an ambassador, student council and HEO ambassador will assist in making DC a positive place for students every single day.

Year 12

Richie Takasumi

I’m grateful and excited to be the class of 2021’s student council rep for the second time. I’ve lived in America for eight years of my life and Hong Kong for eight this year. I’m currently in my 6th year at DC. During my free time, I like learning guitar, as well as playing any type of video game. I’m sure this year will be fun and exciting as always.

Samira Salwan

I feel honoured to be elected as a representative of the Y12 student body as a member of the student council. Being in DC since Y7, I have been able to fully immerse myself in the DC community which help me to serve and convey the opinions of my cohort. I am looking forward to the challenges and responsibilities that this role will bring and I hope that I will be able to bring positive change within our community.

Year 13

Anthony Chen

I joined Discovery College three years ago in Y10 and initially struggled to adjust to a new environment. However, over time the welcoming DC community has helped me grow, both academically and personally. I am deeply grateful to represent my year in the student council and will do whatever I can to improve our school. I hope to facilitate the communication of ideas that the student body has in order to make our school even better than it already is. Outside of school, I enjoy swimming, painting miniatures and playing video games with my friends.

Jueun Kang

My previous three years in the Student Council has been a humbling experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve and represent both the school and my peers once again, for my last year in DC. I value the Student Council, as it allows students to contribute and spread their voices, further solidifying communication within our DC community. I am honoured to receive the trust of my cohort and am confident to continue making positive improvements. In addition to Student Council, my passions include performing arts, running and spending time with my friends and family.