Student Council

The Student Council consists of two elected student representatives from each year level across Years 5-13. Our role is to represent all Discovery College students in terms of wellbeing. We meet regularly to discuss a range of topics that relate to student needs and school improvement. The Student Council has been instrumental in establishing, amongst other things, the Student-run CCAs and Cultural Stories. We are also responsible for allocating an annual PTA grant for student-led initiatives, and we coordinate the Cafeteria Advisory Group.

Student Council Bios

Year 5


Reese Tan

My name is Reese Tan, I am from Singapore and Malaysia and I have been at DC since Year 1. I was inspired to be on the Student Council because of my older sister, Renee, who was a previous member. I also want to help DC to be the best it can possibly be. I deeply appreciate being chosen to represent my cohort of Year 5. I will try my best to help improve my school in all ways possible.


Harrison Speed

Hi My parents are from South Africa and Wales and I think of myself from both of those countries, but I was originally born in Hong Kong. I am 9 years old I have one younger sister in Year 1 and one older brother in Year 7. My favourite subjects in school are PE and art. I live in South Lantau. I have been in Discovery College since Year 1. I was elected to the Student Council because people thought I would be caring, a communicator, and a great co-operator. I am really excited about working with all the other student councillors so we can try and make the school a better place.

Year 6


Jasmine Dean

I am one of the Year 6 Student Council representatives and I am super excited to play such an important role. I was born in Hong Kong but I’m half Australian and half Hong Kong and I’m ten years old. I absolutely love swimming, running, netball and so many other sports and drawing but most of all reading and art. I have lived in Discovery Bay all my life and have been in this amazing school since Year 1 and I love being here with such a caring community and I’m very excited to help the school be a better place.


Jarvis Whittaker

I am from Sydney, Australia. I am 10 years oId. I have an older brother. I love playing the guitar and soccer. I have lived in Discovery Bay since I was 2 years old. I speak English and learn Mandarin at Discovery College. My favourite subjects are Music and Drama. I love to be sporty and creative. I am in Yellow House. I am looking forward to working with the Student Council this year to help benefit student life at Discovery College.

Year 7


Mikayla Camp

I am proud to be one of the Year 7 Student Council representatives. I was born in Hong Kong but I am from the Philippines and England. I love to tap dance, dance, sing and act. I also love to hang out with my family and friends. I stood for this role because I want to make a positive change and I want to help the school and my year to be a better place. I am looking forwards to working with the other Student Council members and Mr. Beach.


Edwin Gustafsson

My name is Edwin and I am half Chinese and half Swedish. I was a Class Captain for 2 years and House Captain for a year. I like sports but I most like swimming and football. I am a great leader and I am trustworthy because “What we say is what we do.” My DC community dream is to make DC a nice, safe and enjoyable place for students. I am happy that I have been elected to represent DC Year 7 for 2017-18. If we work for what we want, it will eventually become true.

Year 8


Felix Mirus

I’m Felix, and I am one of the Year 8 Student Council representatives for 2017-18. Born in Singapore and moving to Hong Kong at the age of 3, I have spent 8 years living in Hong Kong, but have only been part of the DC community since 2016. I am also from Munich, Germany but have never lived there. My interests include drumming, cross-country and field hockey. I am very excited to be part of the team and will do my best to serve this school to make it a better place in all aspects of learning. I look forward to working with my peers as a student councillor this year.


Jayaniee Saravanakugan

I was voted in as one of the Year 8 Student Council representatives of Discovery College for 2017-18. I am a Sri Lankan and I moved to Hong Kong in 2016 and started my exciting journey at DC. I enjoy learning, reading and singing. I was the student ambassador for Year 7 and I play for the school under 12 badminton team. I am in the secondary choir and also a member of the Junior Model United Nations. I took on this role to voice students’ wishes and opinions and make our school environment more amazing. I strongly believe that I will perform well in this role with the leadership experience I have gained in the past and with the support of students, teachers and PTA members.

Year 9


Shreya Rajesh

My name is Shreya Rajesh, and I come from India. I am passionate about math, science, playing badminton, singing, and reading books. I also like to investigate and learn new things. I am very honoured to be a part of the Student Council for 2017-18, and I look forward to collaborating with the other council members in improving the school life. It will truly be a great experience to work with peers from a range of year levels through the Student Council, and hearing their views. This experience will help me grow as an individual through various aspects such as leadership qualities, communication skills etc. I hope to represent my cohort as this year’s Year 9 Student Council, and make positive changes to the cohort as well as the wider community. 


Kershaun Matthew

I am born and raised in Hong Kong. Being in Discovery College since Year 1, I have been able to grow, discover and dream immensely. I have been previously elected for many leadership roles such as Class Captain, CE Captain (twice) and House Captain. My goal is to strive for improvement in the betterment of Discovery College as a whole and also communicate effectively with my peers. Outside of school, I have a passion for extracurricular activities in sports and music, such as, play drums, member of DB squash team and also member of DC cross-country team. I look forward to my first term as a Student Council member, working closely with Mr Beach and fellow Discovery College students from all year levels, to improve quality of life for all of us in Discovery College.

Year 10


Chloe Hagan

I am very excited and honored to be serving as a council member for 2017-18. I am 14 years old and from the United States. Before arriving in Hong Kong in 2015, I lived in Panama City, Florida, for 12 years. I came to Discovery College at the start of Year 8. I have enjoyed my time at DC and love the IB programme and the school’s focus on action, service, and global learning. When not in school, I enjoy skiing, reading, playing a variety of musical instruments, and singing. I am excited to be a representative of Year 10 and make positive changes to the school and the student body. Discovery College gives power to the students and provides them with a voice for change. It is a safe place for people to express themselves and show their creative arts. I want to give back to my year group and make positive changes to the school overall. I look forward to collaborating with the other students, sharing ideas, and finding solutions that improve our school for all students.


Caitlin Omey

I am delighted to have obtained a position on the Discovery College Student Council for the 2017-18 school year. I am from the United States and have lived in Hong Kong for 7 years. My pastimes include academics and sports as well as spending time with my family and friends. I have only been a student at Discovery College for a year, however, I am committed to listening and acting upon the voices of our students to help further develop us as a school.

Year 11


Jueun Kang

I was born in Korea but have lived in Hong Kong for most of my life. I am 15 this year and my hobbies include theatre, art, music, dance, running and spending time with my family and friends. I am grateful to represent my peers for another year and I am excited to work with the other council members. My aim this year is to help improve the school by contributing my ideas, and those of my peers, through the Student Council.


Andrea Boni

I am an Italian and I have been in DC all my life. This is going to be my second year as Student Council and I am happy to do it again and I hope I can help my year group. My main interests are tennis and football, but I enjoy doing any type of sports including badminton and basketball. I am friendly and I have never had trouble making friends. As a Student Council member I have to represent Year 11 and I will do my best to communicate their ideas to Mr Beach.

Year 12


Nicole Woo

I am unbelievably thankful and excited to be serving my fifth term as a representative of the student body, for a number of reasons. Working with both new and familiar faces will prove to be beneficial as I look forward to actively representing the cohort, and I am confident that we will significantly improve many aspects of school life. In addition to the Student Council, I am involved in a number of CE projects and year level activities; outside of school, I enjoy exploring different genres of music, film, and literature.


Dennis Law

I am both grateful and excited to serve as a Student Council representative. I have learned a lot from the last two terms, and this has greatly motivated me to continue to bring positive impacts to our students. I look forward to enhancing and improving our students learning environment and wellbeing in the future. I hope to further myself as a leader for my peers and as an effective member in collaborating with other representatives. Beyond school, I also enjoy playing sports, reading, music, and film.

Year 13


Rachel Telford

Coming into my final year in Discovery College it is an honour to represent my year for the second time. Having been a member of the Student Council in 2016-17, I have grown as a leader and communicator and through my continuation in the council, I hope to not only further enhance these skills but also to transfer this onto students of the other year levels. My goal is to create an enjoyable experience for each individual in the school community and I am incredibly eager to see the combined efforts of myself and the other representatives to improve the school as a whole. Other interests I have include dancing, acting, singing and playing various sports.


Christopher Kwok

As a Year 13 Student Council representative for the 2017-18 academic school year, I hope to spend my last year at Discovery College working to the best of my abilities with the rest of the council, while achieving balance between my commitments to the school and my personal life. Last year was a great experience for me at Discovery College: a time when I was more engaged with leadership, a time when I contributed to a wider variety of activities and a time I felt as if I could give back to the school. This year I hope to do the same.