Student Council

The Student Council consists of two elected student representatives from each year level across Years 5-13. Our role is to represent all Discovery College students in terms of wellbeing. We meet regularly to discuss a range of topics that relate to student needs and school improvement. The Student Council has been instrumental in establishing, amongst other things, the Student-run CCAs and Cultural Stories. We are also responsible for allocating an annual PTA grant for student-led initiatives, and we coordinate the Cafeteria Advisory Group.

Student Council Bios

Year 5


Isla Han

I am one of the Year 5 representatives on the Student Council . I am from Hong Kong and Scotland. I am 8 years old and  I have an older sister in Year 9. I like golf and Irish dancing. I live in Discovery Bay and I have lived there my whole life. I have been in Discovery College since  Year 1. I  speak English and learn Chinese at my fabulous school. My favourite subjects are PE and ART, as I like being creative and sporty. I am also in red house.  I am looking forward to working with the Student Council this year to help benefit student life at Discovery College


Seth Peramunetilleke

I am delighted that I have been voted to be part of the Student Council to represent Year 5. I was born in Australia and moved to Hong Kong when I was very young with my parents, who are Sri Lankan. I like playing all sorts of sports although soccer and golf are my favourites. I also enjoy chess and playing drums in my spare time. I went for Student Council in order to develop my leadership skills while working as part of a team to make a difference to our school. I am looking forward to working together with many staff members and students at Discovery College to make our great school even better.

Year 6


Sofie Petterson

I was born in Hong Kong but I am also half Swedish. I live in Discovery Bay and have been a student at DC since Year 1. My hobbies are music, sport, dancing and of course catching up with my friends. I am honoured to be part of Student Council this year and to represent the students from Year 6. I would do my outmost to listen to all students and voice their opinions to make positive changes in DC.


Manun Chauhaan

I love many sports but badminton is my favourite. I play the drums as well. Mathematics and Arts are my favorite subjects. I stood for this year’s Student Council because I wanted to make a contribution to my school community, including some more choices and activities at school.


Year 7


Sara Davies

I am one of the Y7 Student Council representatives. I am American but have lived in Hong Kong pretty much all my life. I like to act, dance and participate in lots of activities. I took on this role to represent our school because I think it’s important that we all enjoy not only an excellent education but also have a great time in our classes. DC is an amazing school and I would love to help make it an even better environment to learn in than it already is. I have lots of experience with these leadership roles as I’ve been Class Captain 3 times, House Captain once and now on the Student Council. I’m looking forward to working with the other Student Council members and Mr Beach.


Aidan Tsang

I am proud to be a Year 7 representative on the Student Council for this school. I can speak 2 languages (3 if you count Cantonese) and I want to take action and make a difference to Discovery College as a whole. I love reading and I am pretty good at maths. I hope that people will like my ideas and I look forward to helping the DC community.

Year 8


Renee Tan

I am a Hong Kong-born Singaporean and Malaysian who has been part of the Discovery College community since Year 1. Throughout these 8 years, I have learnt and grown so much as a DC student, that I feel it’s time to give something back to the school. Being a Student Council representative gives me a chance to develop my leadership and collaboration skills. I will help to project the voices of those in my year level, as well as around the school, to achieve improvements throughout Discovery College. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to contribute to the school and represent Year 8.


Fergus Condon

I have been in Discovery College for five years so far and I am currently 12 years old. It’s an honour to be to be on the Student Council this year and work with the other members to help make DC an even better school. I have a passion for rugby and many other things.

Year 9

YU--000372_2016_Ngai Ning_Yu_08R-1

Ngai Ning Yu

Hi. I am very grateful to be in this year’s Student Council. I have been at Discovery College since Year 1, so this is the start of my 9th year, and I feel that I can use my 8 years of experience plus our year level’s opinions to input some ideas and suggestions. During this year of being in the Student Council, I hope that I can work with my peers and other members of the Student Council to hopefully improve DC a little bit for the current and future students.


Carlo Chow

It is a great opportunity being part of the Student Council this year. I am from Hong Kong and have lived here since I was born. I enjoy basketball, athletics, reading, and mathematics. I only joined Discovery College in Year 7, but I am confident that I have the ability to collaborate and work with the rest of the Student Council to achieve outstanding and positive results for all students.

Year 10


Jueun Kang

I was born in Korea but have lived in Hong Kong for most of my life. I am 14 this year and my hobbies include theatre, art, music, dance, running and spending time with my family and friends. In the past, I have had leadership experiences at DC such as being the class captain and an ambassador. My aim this year is to help improve the school by contributing my ideas, and those of my peers, through the Student Council.


Andrea Boni

I am an Italian and I have been in DC all my life. Being on the Student Council is a privilege and will help me learn what it is to be a leader. My main interests are tennis and football, but I enjoy doing any type of sports including badminton and basketball. I am friendly and I have never had trouble making friends. As a Student Council member I have to represent Year 10 and I will do my best to communicate their ideas to Mr Beach.

Year 11


Nicole Woo

I am from Hong Kong, and have been part of the Discovery College community since Year 1. My interests include reading/writing poetry, photography and graphic design. Watching this school develop into a safe and exciting learning environment as the years pass was definitely my motive for joining Student Council. My main focus this year is to cater to the wellbeing of the student body, with the development of Discovery College being a by-product in doing so. I am incredibly grateful that I have been selected to serve on the Council for the fourth time by my peers, and look forward to what the future holds.


Dennis Law

I was born here in Hong Kong and I’ve been at Discovery College since Y7. This is my second time on the Student Council. I learnt a lot during my first time as a student representative and this time I hope to invest my efforts into serving my peers and helping the school become a better environment, both academically and socially. In school, I am involved in cross-country and would like to continue this year, as well as being on the swim team. Outside of school I enjoy a wide range of activities such as, playing ice hockey, triathlon, and juggling.

Year 12


Rachel Telford

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I enjoy dancing, acting and playing sports. I have been a student at Discovery College ever since it opened in 2008, and as someone who has spent 9 years studying in this school, I am excited to represent my peers as this year’s Y12 Student Council representative. I hope to give back to my year group and make positive changes for my cohort and wider school community. I am looking forward to working with the other council members, while learning and improving my leadership skills


Christopher Kwok

As a newly elected Year 12 Student Council representative, I am both grateful and determined to be an effective voice for my cohort. Some of my passions include Visual Arts, Music, and Swimming. I hope to stimulate some of the necessary changes that may be needed to improve the school environment for both myself and a wide range of peers across different year levels, and would definitely be interested in using this position to further myself as a leader, a peer, and someone involved in decision-making processes. This year, I look forward to collaborating with other members of the Student Council.

Year 13

MACE000002_2016_Luana_Macedo Magalhaes Ayres_12C-1

Luana Ayres

I am very honoured to be part of Student Council for 2016-17. I’m from Brazil and I love dancing and spending time with my family. I came to Discovery College last year and since then my love for the school has only increased. The thing I like the most about DC is the sense of community …the way the school welcomed me and the support I received from my peers, staff and teachers made me feel at home, so I want nothing but to return all the love this school has given to me. I’m very excited for this coming and last year at DC. I’ll do my best, along with Student Council, to make other students feel at home too, because that is an amazing feeling. Let’s grow, discover and dream.


Joseph Cheung

My seventh and final year in Discovery College will prove to be bittersweet. I am very grateful to be able to serve for a third term, and nothing drives me more than the opportunity of working with my peers from a range of year levels through the Student Council. I look forward to the further efforts of improving school life through collaboration with my fellow representatives, tackling everything from student wellbeing to learning. To parallel school, I love to find new bands to listen to while unwinding with a cup of tea