Each year the DCPTA raises funds to enhance the school life and learning for students, teachers and parents at Discovery College. Below are some of the initiatives the DCPTA has proudly supported.

DCPTA funding to support our College 

Some of the College- and parent-requested equipment, events and activities the DCPTA has funded include:

  • Drinking fountain, shading and sports equipment storage at the Foreshore pitches
  • Building the Primary playground and providing play equipment
  • The annual Discovery Arts & Culture Festival – the weeklong festival that sees professional performers and artists running workshops, masterclasses and events for students across the school – is entirely underwritten by the DCPTA
  • Thermal pool cover to enable year-round swimming in the College pool
  • Graduation Caps & Gowns for the Year 13 IB Diploma Graduation Ceremony
  • Partial funding of the Year 6 (PYP), Year 11 (MYP) and Year 13 (IB Diploma) Graduation celebrations
  • Bouldering wall in the gymnasium
  • Inter-school sporting events
  • Information evenings with specialist guest presenters for parents and students
  • Concerts, shows and performances by professional groups to entertain and educate our College community
  • The DC Dragon Boat Teams

Helping teachers enhance student life and learning

Each school year the DCPTA provides up to HK$100,000 to support classroom-based initiatives to help our teachers provide special equipment, services and events that benefit our students, but which are not covered by school funding. Some of the teacher-initiated projects funded by the DCPTA include:

  • Lego-based products, such as Robotics, to enhance the teaching of Science and Technology
  • Audiobooks for the Library
  • A screen printing system to create ‘silkscreens’ for Art and Design
  • Sensory resources for Primary classes to support students’ self-regulation
  • Risers for the Music department for choir and other group performances
  • Giant Polydrons for Year 1 classes for a range of play-based investigations
  • Rugs and soft furnishings for the shared areas of all Primary year groups
  • Timber display boards for hanging artwork for school and exam functions
  • A touch-typing/keyboard programme
  • Workbooks, reading books and support materials for the seven Mother tongue language groups
  • Micro gardens and workshops

Funding student initiatives

The DCPTA makes available up to HK$20,000 annually to the DC Student Council, enabling the funding of student-initiated projects. Initiatives include playground sports equipment for use by Primary students at breaks and lunchtimes, requested by Primary Class Captains, equipment for the Diploma students’ common room, and more.

The DCPTA – through funds from second hand uniform sales – also provides $500 per Primary class per year and $1500 per year for each Secondary year group, to help Class Parent Representatives (Primary) and students/deans (Secondary) bring year groups together for social events. These include year group movie afternoons, discos, socials, water play afternoons, pizza parties, and more.