PTA Fees & Stationery

New to school parents

Discovery College uses an ePayment system for the collection of the PTA and Stationery Fees. Once your ePayment account is set up (generally one week before commencing school), please log into Gateway to set up and deposit sufficient funds in your child’s ePayment account. You will receive an eNotice before the fees are deducted.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the PTA by emailing

Existing Parents

The DC PTA and Stationery Fees for the academic school year 2019-2020 will be automatically deducted from your child’s ePayment account on Friday 21 June. Please log into Gateway to make sure you have sufficient funds in each of your child’s ePayment accounts prior to this date.

PTA Fee – To be paid by all families

It is a requirement of the English Schools Foundation Ordinance that all parents of Discovery College join the DCPTA. The annual fee is $450 per family and must be paid before purchasing uniforms, signing up for the peripatetic music programme or booking the school bus service. PTA fees will be deducted from the ePayment account of the youngest enrolled sibling of each family.


To ensure all students have the required materials for the start of the school term, the DCPTA facilitates the pre-ordering and distribution of the mandatory stationery pack to your child(s) classroom at the beginning of the school year.

All Stationery items are detailed by year group in the lists below.

Mandatory Stationery Pack

Years 1-7: Payment will be made through your Discovery College ePayment account and delivered directly to the classroom.

Additional Mandatory Stationery Items

Parents may source and purchase these items from any shop of their choice.  Please ensure your child comes to school on the first day with each of the items listed. It is suggested to clearly label each item.

Years 8-13: Existing students may have space in their current exercise books so there is no Mandatory Stationery Pack. Instead students can come to the PTA shop when they need additional exercise books. Please note the $450 PTA fee is still due even if the student is not buying a stationery pack.

Please contact the PTA Shop at  or by calling 3969 1069 if you have any queries regarding stationery.